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Camelot theme park Camelot Theme Park


Buy One, Get One Free to Camelot

Get a free ticket to Camelot Theme Park with every ticket bought - save up to £20! Just print out this voucher and take it with you to Camelot Theme Park to claim one free ticket with every one bought!

A Day Out Fit For A King

Step in to the magical world of Camelot and be transported back to a time where dragons roam free, King Arthur rules and knights do battle on horseback. Be sure to make a visit to this magical land during the 2009 season and you'll be sure to have a non-stop fun filled day out from start to finish.

Begin your medieval journey with a trip on Pendragon's Plunge, the wet and wild water slide that drops you off right in the heart of the action. Next stop, Land of the Brave, be prepared for a stomach churning ride on Excalibur 2, a torturous trip on The Rack , and non-stop spinning twists and turns aboard Whirlwind.

Still reeling from the spinning-coaster, get ready to test your nerves on Camelot's most famous ride, King of the rollercoasters, Knightmare. At a bold 87ft high, the half-mile, two minute long experience of turns, loops and steep drops will leave even the most fearless rider a little lost for words.

More fun and rides can be found at Camelot for even the littlest of brave hearts. Look no further than the Dragon Flyer for a breathtaking trip around the park or jump aboard Caterpillar Capers for a bumpy pink-knuckle ride!

Not to be missed, the park's daily jousting tournament, take your seats early to enjoy this magnificent display of skill and horsemanship. Gaze on in astonishment as the Knights of the Round Table do battle under the watchful eye of King Arthur.

Gasp and cheer with glee at the amazing acts and deft-defying feats performed before your very eyes. And don't forget watch out for the hilarious jesters, talented jugglers and fire-eaters!

A trip to Merlin's School of Wizardry is a must. Be truly enchanted by his talented sorcery and magical illusions. This magic show will have you completely spellbound and intrigued to know more, so join Merlin and his assistant to learn all his secrets and amaze your friends when you get home.

Enjoy a rest from all the excitement of the jousting and rides and gather up your little knights and princesses to take a break at Squire Bumpkins Farm. Situated in a quieter corner of the park, meet and greet a wonderful mix of farmyard animals. Get up close and personal with the cheeky goat kids, pet the pigs and cute piglets then try your hand at feeding the farm's oldest resident, Moses the donkey.

Finally, if the weather's not great, take shelter in King Arthur's castle of entertainment, here you'll find a variety of attractions from Jousting Knight Dodgems to Towers of Fun, an interactive soft play area.

The park's season runs from 23rd May to 6th September 2009, for more information please visit www.camelotthemepark.co.uk or call 0871 663 6400.

Offer Terms and Conditions

* This voucher admits one guest in free of charge when accompanied by one full paying guest.
* Children under 1 metre in height are free of charge.
* Only One voucher per person.
* Offer obtained on presentation at the ticket booth and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offer or concession offered by Camelot.
* Offer valid until 6th September 2009, please check opening days before starting your journey by calling 0871 6636400 or visit our website at www.camelotthemepark.co.uk
* This voucher is non-refundable, non-transferable and not for re-sale
* Amended, defaced vouchers will not be accepted