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Unusual Holiday Ideas


TOP 20 Great Holiday Ideas!

Try Somewhere New this Year…..

As part of our Family Active 2007 campaign Carrentals.co.uk has put together some of the more unusual holiday ideas we’ve found out about. From deep-sea expeditions to discoveries of Space, with cheap flights and car hire, plus easy online booking it’s never been easier to try something different.

Why not give one of them a go and try somewhere new!

1) The Hippest Yoga

Relax, unwind and enjoy the benefits of a yoga holiday in stylish surroundings in a converted olive mill in rural Andalucia. These holistic holidays see pampering and indulgence as just as important and with some of the best teachers, plus food from Madonna’s former chef, it’s hard to go wrong. www.hip-yoga.co.uk

2) Exploring the Deep Blue Sea

If you love the ocean why not take a deep water expedition, with trips in submersibles to wrecks such as the Bismark, the Titanic and the HMS Breadalbane under the Arctic. Plus see amazing marine life - for holidays offering real adventure these are hard to beat. www.wildwings.co.uk

3) The Magic of Romania’s mountains on foot - & with a donkey!

Explore the fantastic scenery, sites and sounds of the Apuseni Mountains in Romania on a walking and hiking holiday. Suitable for families and groups the holidays are accompanied with one donkey per adult to carry luggage! www.greenmountainholidays.ro

4) Volcano Viewing

Many of the World’s great volcanoes are surprisingly accessible. Travel with the experts and get as close as you dare to these amazing geological giants across the World – including Italy, Iceland, Japan, Russia and South America. www.exodus.co.uk

5) Vocation, Vocation

Why not test-drive your dream job on your holiday? It could be the start of a whole range of different opportunities. Travel to the USA, where jobs to try include a sports announcer in Tennessee, a boot maker in Oklahoma or an architect in Boston. www.vocationvacations.com

6) Be an Ecovolunteer

Go to places that are not widely accessible to tourists, where you could help to protect the natural world and its threatened animals, by helping local organisations with their conservation projects. A rewarding and unforgettable experience. www.eco-volunteer.org

7) Go Wild on An Art Safari

Perfect for art lovers, this is a painting holiday in a fantastically unspoilt setting – Malawi. With good tuition and surrounded by the beautiful scenery, sites and sounds of this African country art holidays don’t get much better. www.artsafari.co.uk

8) Hang on to your Hats – its Storm Chasing

In the US the big storms are legendary, and now you can have the chance to chase them on storm chasing adventure tours. Taking in America’s ‘Tornado Alley’, the prairies of Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska, Texas and other hot spots, you’re set for a spectacular holiday. www.stormchasing.com or www.tempesttours.com

9) The home of Count Dracula

Discover the mystical world of Dracula with a tour to Transylvania. From the realms of Vlad the Impaler in Wallachia, you travel further and deeper into remote northern Transylvania seeking out Count Dracula. www.beyondtheforest.com

10) Looking for Love?

If you’re looking for love or for companionship why not try speed dating – with a growing number of people raving about it, it may be worth a go! There’s now speed dating holidays, city breaks and even ski weekends – plenty of opportunities to find the special someone. www.speeddater.co.uk

11) Cigar Aficionados

Travel to Cuba for an expert-guided Cuban cigar tour, visiting factories, shops, cigar auctions and tobacco plantations. There’s also the chance to taste the real thing with ‘cigar tasting’ meals. www.cubawelcome.com

12) Great Swimming Adventures

If you’re a keen swimmer this could be for you – great swimming adventures around the World including swimming in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, the Greek Cyclades islands, or with seals in the Hebrides. www.swimtrek.com

13) Follow your Nose

Experience an aromatic adventure to Bali, Italy, France or Australia. Choose from aromatherapy courses and cookery classes to tours of places such as spice markets, rose oil distilleries and soap factories. www.aroma-tours.com

14) Look to the Skies

If you’re keen on astronomy why not try an eclipse tour, visiting parts of the World where total or near total lunar or solar eclipses are due to take place, and finding out more about activity above us. www.eclipsetours.com

15) Slam Dunk

For anyone keen on basketball or who plays in a team a trip to the USA to see some of the greatest players is a must. These basketball holidays and tours offer tickets to top matches – great for teams, players and fans. www.hangtimeholidays.co.uk

16) Good for the Soul

Experience a sacred journey to the World’s spiritual hot spots such as Holy Mount Kailash in Tibet, Sacred Ashrams in India or Machu Picchu in Peru and learn a healing art. Or release, rejuvenate and recharge at a weekend retreat nearer to home. www.spiritualholidays.com

17) Quilting Queens

If you want to learn or improve your quilting skills, why not do so in the beautiful surroundings of Spain on a holiday in the mountains outside Barx, near Valencia. With workshops each day, plus time to relax by the pool, you’ll return relaxed and with fresh quilting enthusiasm. www.quiltingholidays.co.uk

18) Surf the Waves

Try the popular water sport of kite surfing in a choice of locations including Egypt, Cyprus, Margarita or Venezuela – all famous for their wind, and offering great locations to put your skills to the test. www.waveriders.biz

19) Place your Bets

Enjoy a flutter on the horses, but fancy trying it somewhere more exotic than the UK? Try an overseas horse racing holiday and choose from great events such as the Dubai Word Cup, Melbourne Cup, The Breeder’s Cup in the USA, and quality racing in India and Singapore. www.horseracingabroad.com

20) Vegetarian or Vegan? Holidays just for you…

Holidays specially designed for vegetarians and vegans in a beautifully unspoilt region of Lapland. With a range of activities to try and the beauty of this region to explore, plus wonderful cuisine, why not give it a try. www.holidays-vegetarian.com