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Family Active 2007 Earworms


Help the Whole Family Get to Grips with a new Language with Carrentals.co.uk and Earworms!

SAVE 20% off the RRP

Carrentals.co.uk has teamed up with new language learning sensation Earworms to offer you a 20% saving on the full range of Earworms learning CDs.

Usually selling for £14.99, you can now buy them through Carrentals.co.uk for £11.99, making it easier and more affordable for you and your family to learn a new language.

Choose from French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian with Portuguese and Arabic coming soon – listen to a taster and then, if you like it, you can order the CD at a discount.

To listen to a free taster or order your CD click here.

Plus we’ve got 30 copies of the French CD and 30 of the Spanish CD to give away! For a chance to win a copy simply... Sorry this offer has now ended.

About Earworms

Earworms Learning (mbt) Musical Brain Trainer, is based on a new approach to learning that uses the same brain function that causes us to repeat catchy tunes (‘earworms’) all day.

The new language courses use music in a unique way to help adults and kids learn all the vocabulary and grammar you need, without requiring endless repetition of words or phrases.

The powerful effect music can have on memory has been used by advertisers for years, but until now the educational potential of this phenomenon has remained largely untapped.

The creator of Earworms, language tutor Marlon Lodge, started using music in the classroom and was amazed at the results. The rapid progress shown by his students was mirrored by greater self-motivation and the whole learning process was found to be much more enjoyable and relaxing than traditional learning. Looking into the science he then discovered that the human mind has an amazing capacity to retain information far better when it is presented in melodic patterns.

While for many people attempts to learn a foreign language can prove frustrating and ultimately ineffective, Earworms has the unique advantage of being a proven success, with a method that is convenient and made in heaven for today’s busy traveller. Mimicking the way we are taught language as children, the music and tunes that teach vocabulary and structure need minimal concentration and can be listened to anywhere and everywhere – while stuck in traffic, at the gym or even on the plane to your holiday destination!

Click Here for a free taster or to order your CD

Terms and Conditions:

    • One CD per household
    • Winners will be chosen at random
    • The CDs are as stated and no alternatives can be given
    • No cash alternative is available
    • This offer is subject to availability
    • The giveaway is open to anyone over the age of 18, except employees and their relatives of
    • Carrentals.co.uk, Earworms and Infinity Entertainment.
    • Carrentals reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.