If Your Car Was A Celebrity, Who Would Yours Be?

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If you’re one of those types that think that dogs and their owners start to look like each other after a while, then you might buy into our latest theory… We here at Carrentals reckon that cars and people are pretty similar too. We think that the type of motor you choose to drive can reflect your personality. With that in mind, we think we can determine which celebrity you’re most similar to based on the kind of car you drive. Don’t believe us? Try it out – find your car in the list below and see which famous person you’re matched up with…




Big, brash, confident, dominating, you annoy a lot of people but you don’t let that stop you, do you? You’re Chris Moyles (sorry).




Much-loved, instantly recognisable, legendary. Small. You’re Barbara Windsor.


Smart car


Much-loved, instantly recognisable, legendary. Small. Even smaller than a Mini. You’re Ronnie Corbett.




You’re generally considered as pretty safe, pretty dull. You’re consistent and never let anyone down. Though you’re rarely mentioned in the same sentence as the word ‘exciting’. Saying that though, you’ve still seen plenty of ‘action’ in your time! You’re Corrie’s Ken Barlow.


Transit Van


Big, loud, annoying, you hate the environment and you don’t mind who knows it. Of course, you’re Jeremy Clarkson!


Jaguar XJ6


You’ve got quite a few miles on the clock but you’re solid and reliable. Sure, there’s a few scuffs here and there yet you’re still looking good. You’re an English hero – you’ll never lose that class… Despite all those crisp bags in the passenger side footwell. You’re Gary Lineker.


Grey saloon from the early 90′s


You’re dull. Boring. Unreliable. You’re any MP from the last hundred years. :(


VW Beetle


You’re old. Clapped out. You need a lot of work done to you but women still adore you. And you were particularly busy in the ’60s… Why, you’re Tom Jones!


Ford Focus


Popular with men despite not being all that great to look at. Airbags as standard. Quite cheap. You’ve guessed it, we’re afraid you’re Katie Price… Sorry!


Ford Escort Cabriolet


You’re from history. The top bit of you comes off. You’re one of Henry VIII’s wives. Okay, you’re right – these are starting to get a little bit contrived now, aren’t they…?


What car do you drive? And what famous type do you reckon that makes you…?