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Where to Hire Green Cars In The UK


With people realizing the damage cars are causing to the planet, more and more people have turned to hybrid cars to reduce their CO2 emissions. With petrol and diesel-powered, stylish cars being first choice for many people, similarly styled hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius have become popular with those wanting to cut down on their CO2 emissions.

When it comes to hiring cars, more companies are offering green cars as an option. Hertz, Green Motion and Green n Groovy all offer green cars to rent. While there are positive sides to renting a hybrid car, there are also negative points. Driving around in a hybrid car, you know the amount of fumes the car is producing is far less than a petrol car. However, you can also expect to pay more. Having said that, paying more to rent a hybrid car will help you save money by not having to fill up the fuel tank as often thanks to the aid of an electric engine.

Renting a hybrid car can give a deeper insight into what life would actually be like if you decided to purchase one. Over the next few years hybrid cars could possibly be more popular than the much loved yet damaging petrol-powered motor, so its a good way to get a head start on making a choice when it comes to buying your next car.

Around the world people are looking at different ways to build more fuel-efficient vehicles by creating new fuels. Bio Diesel is made from 100% vegetable oil that goes through a process to create a cleaner-running fuel for cars. The advantage of Bio Diesel is that you can fill your car up exactly like you do now, with no fancy equipment or confusing charging methods. Bio Beetle in Hawaii offers rental cars that run purely on Bio Diesel. When bio diesel engines are built into the majority of cars during the next few years, the only thing that will change is what the fuel pumps look like. Bio diesel has also been proven to provide the same, if not a better performance than a car running on regular fuel. With a cleaner burning fuel, people driving around in a bio-diesel powered car should experience less engine troubles, which can only be a good thing. Clearly this technology is some years away from widespread adoption, but it could offer a promising alternative to our gas guzzling machines in the future.

There is also speculative talk of electric cars with magnetic chargers built underneath them and the chance of having magnetic chargers built into roads. This means you might never have to stop for petrol again. When these vehicles become available to everyone we should see magnetic chargers placed under every parking spot. In effect, the amount of money you spend on parking could be the amount you pay for the electricity to power you vehicle. The future looks bright.