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Welcome To Miami


The city of Miami is full of culture, nightlife, extraordinary cuisine, and miles of sandy beaches that sit under the shining sun and lead out to the sparkling water of the ocean. Floridas most irresistibly flamboyant centre of tourism, Miami, encompasses Latin America, the Caribbean and North America into a single, vibrant seaside metropolis. For decades, tourists have headed here for year-round warm temperatures and some of the best beaches the US has to offer.You can spend days exploring attractions that pique your interest, while discovering other destinations in between.

When people arrive in this city, they will be perplexed as to where they should start their fun in the sun. Some travelers will decide to venture down to the closest beach, with South Beach being the most popular, while others will choose to visit the most sought-after destination on their list of must-see attractions. Thankfully, there is no right or wrong way to see this city, as long as everyone takes the time to appreciate every inch of it during their time there.

No one can spend time in Miami and not do a little shopping. While there are plenty of shopping malls and individual boutiques scattered on the streets, the Bayside Marketplace is the destination. There are more than one hundred and fifty stores, restaurants, and cafs in this shopping center, but it is the ambiance that keeps drawing people there. Everyone will love wandering around outside, as they venture from one boutique to the next, collecting bags as they go. This shopping center is situated on the shores of the bay, which means that you can relax on a bench as you gaze out over the water and listen to the live music playing in the background.

One of the best places to visit within the city of Miami is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Visitors will want to grab their cameras, so that they can capture photos of as much of the forty-three acres of space as they can. The museum building, which used to be a home, stands within gorgeous landscaped gardens and the terrace looks out towards the water of the nearby bay. Guests are encouraged to stand at the bottom, top, or even the middle of the staircases, as they take pictures of the antiques from Europe that are from the 16th through 19th centuries. Everyone will want to check out the list of events taking place at the museum during their visit, as there is a plethora of activities held there throughout the year.

The Deering Estate can be found outside the city limits, but it is well worth the drive to see what life is like away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown streets. This estate has quite the historical background that includes a fossil pit that is full of animal bones from fifty thousand years ago and Paleo-Indian remains from ten thousand years ago. Anyone that isnt interested in archaeology will still be thrilled with the boardwalk that is situated amongst the mangrove and the ability to watch the stars and moon rise in the sky at night through the supplied telescopes.

There are so many other things to do in this fascinating city, including heading out to see the alligators in the Everglades and spending numerous nights partying inside the local clubs. This great destination can be made even better with the help of a car, which can provide you with the chance to cruise to South Floridas outstanding regional attractions, notably the Florida Keys and the wealth of great beaches stretching from North Miami all the way to West Palm Beach and beyond. Visitors should plan for long days, and even longer nights, when they are in Miami, but those experiences will be remembered for a lifetime.

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