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Visit Vibrant Berlin


Anyone who has been to the city of Berlin in the past realises that no one there ever gets much sleep, especially during the autumn when the partying really intensifies. Of course, there are numerous other things to do within this city, besides going out on the town, and most visitors will incorporate everything together without any issues at all.

During the months of autumn, this city comes to life with all the fun that can be had during Oktoberfest. This three-week festival is held at the Zentral Festplatz, which is near the Tegel Airport. Dozens of stalls are set up and filled with food and souvenirs, and amongst all those are phenomenal rides and the party tent. That tent is sixteen hundred square meters in size and it is full of people who are drinking the delicious beers that are flowing out of the taps.

Since many people are so interested in Oktoberfest at this time of the year, visitors will find that many of the other attractions within the city are not as busy. That is a great experience for those who do not care for crowds and those who want to spend more time looking around.

There is a higher chance of rain in Berlin during the autumn months, which is why many people will want to venture over to Museum Island for a few hours. There are multiple museums on this island, which is perfect for those who are really into exploring anything and everything. At the Neues Museum, visitors will find extensive displays of ancient history, including the walls of papyrus from the Book of the Dead. The Byzantine sculpture can be found at the Bode Museum, along with a massive collection of ancient coins.

On those sunnier and warmer days, wed recommend driving over to one of the parks to see the changing colours of the leaves. Viktoriapark is a longtime favourite amongst many, but Tiergarten and Britzer Garten are also excellent choices. Grab a few apples or chanterelles from the market before heading over to the park, so you can enjoy the tastes of fall as you are wandering around.

Berlin is abundant with history and you can choose to walk along the remnants of the Berlin Wall, check out the grandeur of the Prussian palace or visit Checkpoint Charlie. Another place to take in the sights of Berlin is at the top of the Victory Column. There is a very small and narrow observation deck on top and you can see all the way to the Brandenburg Gate. The bonus is that there are not too many other people that will be vying for the same views, as this attraction is one of the ones that is not as crowded like it is during the summer months.

There is never a bad time of the year to visit Berlin, but there is something special about the adventures there during the autumn that really brings this city to life. While exploring the historic citys sites is magical indeed, the surrounding areas can be just as appealing. A few hours away by road lay some charming villages and great landmarks so its well worth ensuring you have the freedom to explore on a larger scale too.

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