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Unusual Items

False Teeth to Fishing Rods Car Hire Company Reveals the items Left Behind From false teeth to fishing rods, the summer sees weird and wonderful items left in rental cars around the World With the summer holidays the busiest time in the car hire calendar, the UK's No.1 online car hire company Carrentals.co.uk is encouraging customers to check their rental car thoroughly before rushing for a flight. Carrentals.co.uk is highlighting the issue in the run up to one of the peak travelling times, with each summer seeing a surge in the number of personal belongings found under seats, in the boot, and in the glove compartments of rental cars. Items left behind in hire cars range from books and sunglasses, through to false teeth, fishing rods, and even a vibrator found after the hire car was returned. "The summer season is very busy and always sees an increase in items being left in the cars some fairly regular such as books or maps, others a little more unusual," says Richard Game, Marketing Director at Carrentals.co.uk. "Last year we had everything from a fishing rod pushed down between the seats to a pair of false teeth in the glove compartment. To try to minimise inconvenience for our customers we are encouraging everyone to have a final check for any items that may have slipped their notice in the rush to drop off the car and check in for a flight." Most unusual items left in hire cars 1. A vibrator 2. False teeth 3. A fishing rod and tackle 4. A toupee 5. A goldfish Most common items left in hire cars 1. Suncream 2. Books 3. Hotel/villa keys 4. Sunglasses 5. Mobile phones
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