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Travelling to Spain


If you are travelling to Spain this summer make sure you allow plenty of time at check in for the new US-style entry procedures which were introduced on 13th June. Under the new regulations, all British visitors entering Spain will have to submit Advance Passenger Information (API) which includes date of birth, full name and passport number, and the new process could cause some delays.

Visitors who dont submit the necessary information via their airline or travel agent, may be barred from flights, so be sure to have all of your details with you when you go to check in.

If you have a machine-readable passport, all the necessary info can be collected in one swipe however not all airports have these machines so allow plenty of time for queues at check-in. Passengers of some airlines may be able to provide information via the Internet before departure and this is strongly recommended to avoid delays - so contact your airline before you fly to find out the best way to submit your information.

For further information on the new regulations visit: