Top 8 of the Worlds Most Expensive Travel Gadgets

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Everyone loves gadgets, don’t they? Okay, that’s not strictly true. A lot of people hate modern technology and gizmos. But we’re assuming that since you’re on the internet reading this (and maybe considering renting a car online) that you’re fairly tech-savvy and at the least, not monumentally petrified of LED displays and things that bleep… Gadgets come in all different shapes and sizes and can help us all out in a million different ways. We’re thinking specifically about travel tech here and the clever little ditties that are travel-related. But not just any ditties. We’re talking the best. And as such, the priciest. Here’s our top ten most wallet-worrying travel gadgets from across the globe…


Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife – £700


The zenith of Swiss Army knives. With 87 implements that have over 150 functions, this little beauty can do it all. Well, we say ‘little’ – it’s as big as a shoe and at almost 3lbs, it isn’t exactly light. Still, for travel purposes, it’s a damn sight lighter than a tool box.


TravelTeq Trip Sound Suitcase – £400

A suitcase that’s also a chair and a stereo? That. Is. Seriously. COOL (and expensive).


Macbook Air - £1,000

Not essential, sure. But it’s lightweight and hardy. And the best laptop in the world. You’ll never need to head to dingy internet cafes to be ripped off for surfing again, just find a wi-fi spot. The great thing is, you’ll definitely find a use for this once you’re back from holiday…


Kindle - £150

With any time spent travelling they’ll be gaps with nothing much for you to do. Sure, you can stare out of a window for a few hours, but you might get a bit bored of that eventually. Shoot an eBook reader in and you’ll be set. It’s a lot lighter and more convenient that hauling a dozen books around with you.


Jetlev R200 - £75,000

Thought jet packs were a thing of the future or a figment of science fiction writers’ imagination? Think again. This marine jet pack aint cheap, but it’s ridiculously cool. And unlike most other models, this one actually works. It sucks in water through a hose and propels the pack and its wearer more than thirty feet up in the air! Still… £75,000?!


XSC Wide Angle Scuba Cam - £500


Do you like scuba diving? Do you like photographs? You’ll probably wish you could scuba dive entirely hands-free and snap away at all the amazing things you can spot in the briney deep. Well, now you can! Well, provided you’re prepared to (sea)shell out half a grand, that is.


Braven 650 speaker - £170

This portable speaker is brushed aluminium and portably small. You can also use its juice to charge anything with a USB port. Handy.


The i’M Watch – £250

This clever little timepiece connects to your phone and computer and gives you direct access to emails, social media, texts and photos. On the move, ever so smooth.


Like the look of anyone of these? Got a spare 75k lying about that you fancy investing in a jet pack…? Let us know what you make of these rather cool (if rather pricey) travel gadgets below…