Top 5 Firework Displays for Guy Fawkes!

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Remember, remember the 5th of November… Partly because of all that Guy Fawkes-y/Gunpowder-y Plot stuff, but mostly because there’s probably a fantastic fireworks display near you to enjoy!


If there’s one night of the year we don’t all mind standing out in the cold for hours on end until our toes go numb and we lose all feeling in our faces, it’s Bonfire Night. There’s nothing more evocative of this time of year than the local community crowded around a massive fire watching a spectacular fireworks display, waving sparklers about, eating jacket potatoes and slurping on mulled wine (or Bovril if you’re driving). They’ll be thousands of displays taking place up and down the country this week. If you want to find your nearest, we’re sure Google will lend a hand. But if you’re prepared to travel a bit – or are lucky enough to live nearby – we’ve drawn together a list of some of the snazziest events taking place in the UK. Enjoy!


Lewes, East Sussex


No ordinary celebration, this night claims to be the biggest November 5th event in the world! It’s like no other bonfire effort, either. You can expect more than just your run-of-the-mill Catherine wheels down here. There’s a grand procession of traditional costume wearers that rule the streets, waving burning crosses (it’s like something from The Wicker Man) and more than 30 bonfire societies (mad, eh?!) that each choreograph a procession – so there’s plenty to see…

When? Monday 5th from 6pm.


Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Head to the Don Valley Grass Bowl if you’re Yorkshire-based for Sheffield’s most dazzling display. Running for more than 16 years, the organisers have really perfected how to put on a great show.

There’s a funfair, live bands, fireworks set to music, food and drink stalls and of course, a ruddy great bonfire.

When? Monday 5th from 5.30pm.


Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire


Great for fans of history, this one. Not just a fireworks display, this top night out is Viking-themed. So if you’re always fancied Bonfire Night amidst a Viking battle and during a Viking funeral procession, this is the one for you!

When? Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd from 6pm.


Blists Hill, East Shropshire


The site of this massive cast iron bridge – the first of its kind built in this country – is of such great significance as a mark of the Industrial Revolution that it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site (one of only seven in the UK). The Victorian theming of the the area is continued on Bonfire Night too. Though luckily they use modern fireworks!

When? Saturday 3rd from 6pm.


Penrhos Beach, Anglesey


How do fireworks on the beach sound? Good? We thought so. There’s a bonfire (of course!), a hog roast, flaming arrows, fireworks, sand in your shoes, the lot.

When? Monday 5th at 5.45pm.


Have you ever been to one of these fireworks events? Or know of another great one you’d like to help promote? Why not tell us all about it in our comments section below…