Top 10 Classic Cars

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Before we start eulogising the cars of old, of yesteryear – let’s not forget that motoring has come on a long way over the years. Nowadays cars are much safer, more cost-effective and less damaging to the environment. Automotive engineers and innovators can create cars that are unbelievably fast, with amazing miles per gallon ratios and chassis’ sleeker than a cheetah’s winter coat. Right. We’re glad we got that out off the way. Now, on to the business at hand…


Old cars are better, aren’t they?! Classic motors are ten times more impressive than anything on the road now. Sure the brand new Audi you’ve spotted on the garage forecourt is nice. But how does it compare to a ’70s Rolls Royce? Or an old E-Type Jag? It doesn’t, does it? Let’s face it, classic cars are cooler. Here are ten of our favourite examples in case there’s any doubt:


Jaguar Mk II


The founder of Jaguar, Sir William Lyons, famously said that a great car should have ‘grace, pace and space’. And he certainly made a great when he produced the Mk II. And Inspector Morse certainly agreed!


Aston Martin DB5


Famous for being James Bond’s vehicle of choice (well, we suppose it was actually a company car), the DB5 is a stone-cold classic. It’s more than just The Bond Car, though. Just look at it…


Ford Thunderbird


’50s and ’60s vehicles from the States have a very definite style. And there were plenty of ridiculously cool models cruising the highways and by-ways in the US back then. Corvettes, Cadillacs, you name it. But for our money, the T-Bird was the best.


Mercedes 300SL


Has there ever been a car more beautiful than this ever made? We doubt it. It’s a work of art. And a top machine too. Note the ‘gull wing’ doors. You don’t get those on a modern day Kia!


AC Cobra


This joint US/British venture was a smash hit back in the early ’60s. The classic styling and 2 seats made it the perfect swinging sixties sports car. Picking up an original may be a tad tricky, though. That’s why their ‘kit’ versions have been so popular in the last couple of decades.


Mini Cooper


Not quite as stunning or striking as some of the other cars on this list, but it’s still an absolute classic. The new versions are good, but the originals were better. Who can forget how snazzy they are in The Italian Job, eh? They looked better with the bloody doors on, though.


Ferrari 330 America


They are of course lots of Ferraris that could slot so easily onto this list. So what is it about the 330 America that makes us plump for it here? Its class. Pure class. Mamma Mia! Forza Ferrari!


Daimler Majestic Major


The ultimate wedding car now, this beauty was a beast back in its day (especially the limousine version). For a car of this size – it’s a hulk – it surprisingly managed 0-60mph in less than ten seconds…


Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider


Can you just imagine driving around Florence in this stunner back in the day?


Porsche 911 Classic


This model has been a sports car staple every since 1963. And the shape hasn’t really changed all that much. But just look at the originals. Magnificent.


Think we’ve missed a stone-cold classic? What classic set of wheels should we have included in the top ten classic cars? We’d love to hear your thoughts…