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The View Of A Lifetime - Peru


Peru is a fascinating country filled with ancient sites, delectable cuisine, rich heritage, multiple festivals, and fabulous adventures of a lifetime. The Andes, the Amazon, archaeological sites and colonial architecture make Peru one of South Americas most diverse and fascinating countries. Its strong Inca history can be seen at every turn, while its newer Spanish heritage is flaunted throughout Lima, the capital city. Those who choose to visit will be thrilled with all the options that are available to them and no one will want to leave until they have experienced them all.

Out of all the areas in Peru, the one that everyone must plan to see first is Machu Picchu. This breathtaking archaeological destination is comprised of temples, houses, and palaces from the Inca Empire. You will need to drive to Cusco, which is the closest major city, and then take a bus, train, or hike to Aguas Calientes. Once a person is in this small town, they can either take the bus up to Machu Picchu or spend time hiking up to the top. The method of arrival doesnt really matter as much as the experience a person has once arriving at the top.

Once visitors have completed their journey to Machu Picchu, they can travel to Lima to take a tour of the Monastery of San Francisco. The most important features within this spectacular building are the Zurbaran Hall, the secluded courtyard, the collection of religious paintings that line every wall, and the library filled with more than twenty-five thousand books. Prior to leaving the monastery, be sure to venture out to the catacombs, where more than thirty thousand people have been buried. Lima also has some fantastic beaches, upscale shopping centres and a great collection of museums and galleries.

Animals can be found everywhere within Tambopata National Park, which happened to be established as a national reserve back in 1990. This is the best place in the country for jungle treks and viewing the significant wildlife that lives within the park. While some people may want to see Tres Chimbadas Lake, others will want to hike along the Brazil Nut Trail.

The above park is not the only one worthy of a visit in Peru, which is why travellers may also want to consider driving out to Man National Reserve and Iquitos-Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. The first one has rainforests in the lower elevations, while it is all about the mountain forest clouds and the grasslands in the higher elevations. Many indigenous people still live within this reserve, as do armadillos, otters, and jaguars. The Iquitos-Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is where jaguars, spider monkeys, puma, deer, and snakes can be seen, but it is the exclusive pink river dolphin that visitors want to see the most. This endangered animal can only be found in this area of the world.

Everyone must visit Peru at least once in their lifetime and while the above items are perfect for sightseeing, they are not the only ones that should be on a persons itinerary. Be the ultimate adventurer and drive the 1,597 miles along the Pacific coast to discover beaches, twist along curvy roads in the south where the Inca culture is most prominent, zigzag through the Cordillera Blanco region or head into the Peruvian Amazon.

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