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The ultimate transport for decision makers


Now I know that my blogs on here are only read by the very top people and so I thought Id share with you details of a new vehicle which has been exclusively designed for corporate decision makers on the move.

Luxgen (and you will all know of course that it is pronounced luck-gene and not lux-gen) is a Taiwanese motor manufacturer whose name is derived from the words luxury and genius. The company has just announced its new flagship model the Luxgen7 CEO which, it claims, is more than just a luxurious limousine but also a fully-independent and isolated personal space that fulfils the privacy and practical needs of top business executives.

Outwardly the CEO is pretty understated, but as soon as you open the powered sliding door, you enter a whole new world. The centre partition separates the rear cabin, resembling that of a private business jet, and with the divider raised the rear cabin becomes entirely isolated. An in-vehicle intercom system is provided for communication to the driver on demand.

Tinted privacy windows surround the rear cabin and electronically operated window curtains are standard to allow total privacy protection for the passengers.

The interior of the vehicle, which features a thick, high grade wool carpet, resembles a luxurious business suite. Two Ottoman seats covered in rich Nappa leather incorporate a pneumatic massage function, cushion ventilation and heated seatbacks. It goes without saying that an independent rear cabin climate control system and air circulation system constantly supply fresh air.

A folding table, finished in walnut wood grain and metal trim and designed to support a laptop computer, is located in the centre armrest and can be extended with a push of a button. The space under the centre divider can be used to hold books, magazines and other small items. In addition, an elastic strap is also provided for securing briefcases or personal luggage when the vehicle is on the move.

On top of all the luxurious details, the CEO also provides what the company describe as thoughtful personal reading lights and a cooler-heater beverage storage compartment. Dont ask me what a thoughtful light is but the other bit sounds like a large thermos flask.

Finally, if work is all too much for you, then the CEO also boasts an integrated cinema-grade media entertainment system equipped with hi-fi JBL speakers. The viewing angle of the 10.2-inch LCD screen located above the centre partition divider can be easily adjusted remotely.

Note that youre not expected to drive this yourself hence the fact that the details the company has released make no mention of the engine size, handling or driveability. Thats all left to the bloke in the peaked cap up front to worry about.

Nor is there any mention of price, which is always a worrying sign. The thing that is really lacking, of course, is the name. Luxgen is a new company with no heritage and how ever good its vehicles may be, the sort of people who buy luxury cars tend to like a prestigious badge on the bonnet to go with it.