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The gender gap


A new study has been looking at gender differences in motorists and has come to the conclusion that actually men and women arent that different when it comes to driving behaviour and attitudes.

Now Im not quite sure how they came to that conclusion because to me the results highlight a lot of differences. Apparently, men are more likely to take responsibility for car maintenance and legal documentation of both cars in two-car households, with over half of women claiming their partner carries out routine maintenance. When going out for the day, in households where both partners drive, the man is much more likely to drive, often depriving women of the opportunity to gain and maintain driving experience and confidence.However this pattern is reversed when it comes to a night out, when the man is usually happy for the woman to drive.

Interestingly, even though women may drive less when in a relationship, single women are significantly more likely than single men to have a car.

Half of the men and women surveyed say they occasionally speed or lose their temper with other drivers, but next to none are willing to admit using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, or to driving after drinking. When it comes to parking around a quarter of both sexes say they either regularly or occasionally park where they should not.

So that proves to me that people lie when they answer questions in surveys, because not a day goes by without me seeing drivers using their mobile phones while at the wheel and a surprisingly large number of them are young women while the rest appear to be van drivers.

Women are still more nervous in certain environments, such as in fast-moving traffic, bad weather, close to lorries and on motorways, but are significantly more comfortable using their car at night, than walking or using public transport. But women are apparently also considerably less likely to have an accident than men, and are at less risk of violent assault after leaving the car.

So there you have it. There are differences and most of us were probably aware of them already, without a survey needing to point them out to us.