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The Charming Channel Island - Jersey


The charms of the Channel Islands include idyllic countryside views, spectacular bays and coves, little in the way of traffic and abundant outdoor activities. The largest island in the region, Jersey, is within easy reach of the UK, at only a short flight or ferry ride away. This island is nine miles by five miles, and every inch of it is packed with amazing things to do and see. Beaches line the western and southern coasts, while the other two coasts are filled with fortifications from World War II, as well as stunning castles.

Travellers who visit this island are encouraged to rent a vehicle, as they will have more freedom to explore all the breathtaking beauty that isnt always near the public transportation routes. One of the first places you should drive to is the north coast, which is where there are long cliff paths that provide gorgeous views. These paths are approximately twelve miles long, so you should be prepared to spend a good portion of your day there, as you'll want to continue to the end before turning back.

Once the north coast has been explored, then it will be time for you to venture down to the southern coast, where Elizabeths Castle can be seen from a pathway. Those ready for additional adventures will want to continue their stroll along the path until you reach the Corbiere Lighthouse, which happens to be one of the islands most famous points of interest.

There are a few museums in Jersey, but one of the best is the Jersey Wall Tunnels. This museum can be found in an old underground hospital complex and shares the history of the Germans during the second world war. Visitors will find themselves wandering from exhibit to exhibit, as they read testimonials and stories from individuals from that time.

A tour through Mount Orgueil Castle is a must, as it is full of passages, turrets, and even secret rooms. This castle was constructed more than eight hundred years ago, and every visitor will want to see all the quirkiness that was included inside. One of the favourites and strangest inclusions is the Wheel of Urine, which was used to diagnose many illnesses through the colour of a persons urine.

Before leaving Jersey, venture out onto the sand during low tide because youll be amazed at how much the shoreline expands during those times. You will find that they can easily venture over to Icho and Seymour Tower during low tides, but be sure to make it back before the tide comes in. Those who do not want to take their chances on the tide may want to consider taking a tour to one of the defense towers. The guides are very knowledgeable and understand the tide conditions as they occur throughout the year. If you time it well into the month, you will even be thrilled to discover that you can take full moon tours and new moon tours, because they both offer a different perspective on the experience.

Jersey is quite the destination, and while youll be spending your time on an island, you will never be bored during your stay. Jersey is popular with holidaying families. The family-friendly Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, a beautiful zoo and parkland founded by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell, offers an ideal day out for all ages. After a zoo visit, cooling off at Aquasplash water park should be next on the family itinerary. Having the freedom to explore all this at your leisure is a must!

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