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Beat The End Of Summer Blues and Take A Weekend Break


Summer is everyone's favourite season, isn't it? Well, unless you're a snowman, that is (we'll assume you're not...). You get the best weather in the Summer a start. Well, normally you do! It's been a bit of a monsoon season this year, but we've still had some sunshine in between the rain drops. And with the Queen's Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics recently, these last few months have been pretty special. And now they're over. It's Autumn. And it'll be Winter soon... But don't let that get you down! Let's keep our chins up and look on the bright side. And what better way to do it than by heading to somewhere nice for a couple of days? Weekend breaks, that's what we're talking about. And here are few ideas for you...

Lobsters in Cornwall

The Portloe Harbour in Cornwall is one of the nicest little spots in the county and has some of the best seafood in the UK (just ask Rick Stein he never stops going on about it!). Perhaps the best way to check out how great the pollack, mackerel, oysters and of course, lobster is round there is to check into The Lugger Hotel. There they run 'Catch & Cook' weekends where you get two nights stay at the hotel, a fishing trip out on a boat, a cookery class, a meal and wine for around the 225 mark. A slightly pricey weekend option and not for the darkest, coldest Winter months (unless you enjoy freezing half to death on a fishing boat!), but a great weekend.

Hot Springs in Bath

This diddy little city in the South West of England is a charming little place that attracts tourists from all over the world. The really nice thing about Bath is the scale of it it's pretty small. You can walk around the whole of Bath in a weekend, easily. There's great shopping there too, with all the large chains nestled in alongside boutique outlets; it's truly perfect for Christmas shopping. You can't go to Bath and not check out the hot natural springs. Whether it's drinking it at the charming Pump Rooms (have a glass alongside your 'Afternoon Tea') or bathing in it at one of the spas. Bliss.

Walk Around York

In terms of history, there are few places in the UK that can rival York. So if learning all about things past is your bag, this is the perfect weekend getaway. There's of course, York Minster the focal point of the city, The Jorvik Viking Centre and National Railway Museum. But perhaps the best thing to do in York is just to stroll down the narrow cobbled streets and shambles at a leisurely pace and soak up the atmosphere and sights.

Time for the Thames

If you like the water, you can do a lot worse than renting a canal boat and cruising down the Thames for a couple of days. Head East into Oxfordshire and Berkshire and take in Henley, Windsor, Sonning and Caversham. This is an especially good route due to the sheer number of top pubs you can find along the way. Just remember to designate a 'driver'!

Have you a favourite weekend getaway that you'd recommend to anyone feeling 'End of The Summer' blues? We'd love you to share them with us below.