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Slovenia Is Bursting With Charm


When in Slovenia, locals and visitors alike, spend the majority of their time outside. This may be due to the breathtaking beauty that can be found in every direction or the fact that there are numerous outdoor adventures to be enjoyed. Slovenia is a small country which packs a lot of punch with its rich and beautiful cities and spectacular yet romantic landscapes. Travelling here, visitors will be reminded of the country's more popular neighbours, Austria and Italy, as Slovenia's Alpine regions are equally, if not more, charming.

Travelers will want to spend part of their visit exploring the majestic Julian Alps before venturing over to the large caves and the sparkling water of the lakes and rivers. The shoreline near the Adriatic Sea might not be very long, but it is still fascinating to those who take a few hours to sit and relax and then take a stroll along it. Of course, the weather in Slovenia can be unpredictable with snow forming over the Alps at any given time, even in the middle of the summer months. However, that never stops anyone from taking advantage of everything that this fabulous place has to offer.

Lake Bled of recent years has become Slovenias most popular resort. Its not hard to see why with its beautiful blue-green tinted lake and tiny baroque chapel nestled on a picturesque island. If that isnt enough as a draw, add to that a medieval castle on a rocky cliff with the Julian Alps as a backdrop. This is a honeymoon hotspot but the outstanding romantic setting can lure anyone including backpackers, who will not be disappointed by the options to hike, bike and indulge in numerous watersports.

Slovenia is known as one of the greenest countries, this is not just for the abundant natural beauty but also because its capital Ljubljana is one of Europes greenest cities. The city is decorated by stunning architecture, beautiful bridges and buildings, and where some structures sole purpose is to add to the charm of this delightful capital. It is home to one of the more unique places to visit in Slovenia which is the Navje Cemetery and Park. The area was originally the St. Christopher Churchs cemetery back during the 1700s and it was changed to Navje in 1865 after the cemetery had been abandoned for years. This cemetery became the place to bury notable people, although others were buried there as well during World War II. It was abandoned once again, and it took fifty years before the country began restoring the park during the 1990s. Nowadays, people can be seen walking along through this park or enjoying a picnic lunch as they enjoy the shining sun and remember those who died decades ago.

The Predjama Castle is one of the most infamous castles in all of Europe, mainly because it was constructed halfway up the side of a cliff. The castle has four stories, but it was built a little at a time from 1202 and after. However, most of what is seen of the castle today is from the 16th century. Visitors will love seeing the 16th century treasure that was uncovered back in 1991, as well as the dreary dungeon, and Erazems Nook, which is a hideaway up at the top of the castle.

No one can leave Slovenia without stopping at Vintgar Gorge. The gorge has a wooden walkway that is sixteen hundred meters long and was constructed back in 1893. Visitors love walking over it as it crosses over the Radovna River four times before they reach the um Waterfall. Along the way, they will spot rapids, pools, and other smaller waterfalls.

There are so many other things to see and do, but these few places should be at the top of everyones itinerary. Slovenia offers jaw-dropping beauty from its peaks of the Julian Alps, its emerald green lakes, to its stunning short coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Not many tiny countries will offer you so much and its definitely worth exploring on four wheels.