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Planning a Journey in America



When planning your holiday, the first thing you normally look into is car hire, then, how you will get to your holiday destination, lets say Brooklyn, what's to say you cant land in another part of America and travel there via your own route. Most people would take the quickest route possible, but travelling via your own route can make your arrival more memorable.

Planning a holiday like this, would work much better during the day, as you could explore each part of the city and take in the sites. The benefit of renting a car, is that you wont have to rely on public transport as your main way to get around. After landing at an airport in America, people have either decided to hire a car or use public transport.

When you have collected you hired vehicle, you are free to explore the wonderful sites of America, no tedious train or taxi rides, simply get in he car and drive. Driving through places like Manhattan and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge are much more exciting when youre the one driving.

Driving through Manhattan is a magical and memorable experience, not to mention, since your in your own car, stopping to get something to eat or go inside one of the many famous buildings is something youll never forget.

New York has one of the most famous parks in the world, why not take a trip to Central Park and just relax after the long flight, just listening to the birds while enjoying a nice picnic or maybe play some sports. Even after doing this in your first day, New York still has plenty to offer, it can take weeks to truly see everything, including the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero, not to mention all the exciting foods you will eat.