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Places to Hire Cars in America


Hiring a vehicle can either be stressful or a walk in the park. When traveling abroad it's very important to not only know which car hire company suits your needs but that you know where the place is. With many companies now offering a plethora of extras, such as, satellite navigation units (GPS in other countries), finding not only the right company but the best deal can be a nightmare for some people.

For people who have seen the film Plaines, Trains and Automobiles will see how frustrating it can be to hire a vehicle. Having the correct documents with you will make getting your vehicle extremely easy, if you don't have the correct documents this could prove a very stressful and bad start to your holiday.

Some of the best places to rent a vehicle in America are Hertz, Hertz are a great company. They offer great prices and a wide range of vehicle including Green Cars. Sat Navs and ways to help you save money. Hertz also offer Club Membership, this is advised for people who will travel a lot, with the different types of memberships you can make life easier, not only will the vehicle you want to rent be available, but you can also get extras such as ski racks and the best part, have you rented vehicle waiting for you at the airport.

Reliable and affordable Alamo offers very good deals on weekend rentals. Alamo offer vehicles such as the Hummer H3 and even vehicles capable of seating up to 13 people, this is a great choice for people with large families or are planning to meet friends or relative whilst on holiday. Alamo also offer an Alamo-Insider membership that grants you discounts and stress-free reservations.

Offering a points collection card, Dollar is rental place to check out. Offering vehicles ranging from a Ford Focus to a Humvee, Dollar has a great range to suit all your needs. Dollar also set themselves apart from other rental services by offering a completely free membership. With the membership being free, don't think you get nothing in return, when enough points are gained, offers such as free car rental days open up, thats right days when you don't pay a single cent.

All of these car rental companies offer help to people with disabilities, as well as both on and offline bookings. With a quick search of the internet you may come across discount vouchers for these companies, saving even more money if combined with any offers they have.