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Party In New Orleans


New Orleans, known as the 'The 'Big Easy' and famous for its fun atmosphere, with great music, attractions galore and a mix of culture and history! The city, with its French, Spanish, Cajun and African flavours, is a unique American experience. The most popular form of transportation for tourists visiting New Orleans is car rental. The city of New Orleans is quite different than most of the other cities in the United States. Locals and tourists alike seem to gather as one, while listening to fantastic music, drinking, eating amazing cuisine, and simply having some fun every day of the week. It is a wonderful city that thinks that partying is a normal way of life.

The first place that everyone must go is the French Quarter, especially Bourbon Street. There are plenty of tours available, but you can see and learn just as much whilst wandering around. Visitors are encouraged to stop at Jackson Square before heading over to Faulkner House Books and Lafittes Blacksmith Shop Bar. The latter was a blacksmith shop that was constructed between 1722 and 1732 and according to legend, it was used by the Lafitte brothers for a smuggling operation.

Just off the Jackson Square on Chartres Street tourists will come across two beautifully built history museums, the Presbytre and the Cabildo. Also of interest in the Quarter are St. Louis Cathedral, a tasty French Farmers Market and also the Old U.S. Mint. While you're here look for the Historic Voodoo Museum on Dumaine St.

It is a short drive to the Garden District, and it is worth every second, as visitors can see some of the most beautiful homes within the city. This area is much quieter, and the Spanish and French architecture is extraordinary. Across from Lafayette Cemetery No 1, travellers will find the busiest restaurant in the area. The Commanders Palace Restaurant serves up great food in a fantastic atmosphere.

Not too many people are aware of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, which is why everyone must drive over to the Chalmette Battlefield. This battle took place after the end of the war, because no one had told the soldiers there that the War of 1812 was finally over! There is a national cemetery in the battlefield, so visitors can pay their respects to those who lost their lives during the battle.

Afterwards, you can head over to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve to see the bayous and swamps. It is possible to capture a glimpse of an alligator or two, but most people prefer the cultural events that are held there throughout the year.

You cant be in New Orleans and not acknowledge that you are in the hometown of Jazz. Jazz is the root of American popular music and all varieties of music are evident and played throughout the city, whether it be in a club or on a street corner. There is so much to do in the city of New Orleans, that a week wont seem enough. Be sure to time your trip right, so you are in the city at the time of the year that suits you. Certain times of the year are more crowded than others, but the good news is that there is always room for one more in New Orleans.

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