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Panama Chills or Thrills, its up to you


Panama is quite the epic destination, visitors can choose to participate in one adventure after another or they can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty that seems to surround them. This fiery republic links two continents and is home to tropical beaches and jungles, fabulous islands, cool mountain towns and the Panama Canal. The massive skyscrapers of the capital Panama City look out towards the bluest water around, while also offering views of the natural surroundings.

One of the first things high in visitors wish lists to see when they arrive, is the infamous Panama Canal. This canal connects the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and has been letting boats go from one end to the other for more than one hundred years now. Colon, on the opposite Caribbean Sea side, is the exit point of the famous canal and launch point for the stunning Isla Grande, which has some of the best beaches. The road between Panama City and Colon is a major one, going between Soberania and Chagres national parks.

If you are interested in more than just watching the ships sail through, venture over to the Miraflores Visitor Center. There is a massive museum there that shares the history of the canal through interactive exhibits. Of course, the most popular area is where the Miraflores locks are located, as it makes a perfect spot to watch the ships and take photographs.

A quick trip by vehicle to the Metropolitan Natural Park is a must as it is so rare to find a rainforest located so close to a major city. You can hike to Ancon Hill, which takes approximately ninety minutes, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for all the sloths and birds that can be seen along the way. Panama is abundant in wildlife so dont forget to take the opportunity to explore this too.

You can enjoy an endless summer here in Panama. When you have the best of the Caribbean on one side and the pacific to the other, beach life is amongst the finest in the world. You could explore the deserted islands, swim with turtles, or even better still scuba dive with whale sharks! Thats if you are brave enough. Not forgetting those that surf, theres world-class breaks here that dont have the kind of crowds youd normally find elsewhere.

The most historic area within Panama is Panama Viejo, which is the site of the old city. That old city dates back to the year 1519 and any of the remaining buildings are basically ruins at this point. Visitors will enjoy seeing parts of the homes that were owned by the wealthiest locals, but the part that will intrigue them the most is the carefully preserved section of the Catedral de Nuestra Seora de la Asuncin.

Outdoor enthusiasts will want to travel over to the small town of Boquete for cool mountains, as it is full of hiking trails, rushing waterfalls, animals, flowers, and it is home to the ancient Baru Volcano. You can spend hours exploring here, so much so you wont want to return to your hotel, let alone go home! Nearby is the significant town of David, while between the two is the Azuero Peninsula, with its quiet beaches and easy-going towns. For those looking for the ultimate experience, the eastern end of the highway leads to the intrepid Darien Gap. This almost impenetrable jungle is a natural border to Colombia though it is four-wheel drive country only.

Panama may have been a little overlooked as a holiday destination previously but it is tipped to be a must see destination very soon, so make sure you get there before the masses. If youre looking for a place to tour in Central America, Panama is a good bet as it also has the best roads in the region and is friendly. The Pan American Highway makes getting about by car easy. So what are you waiting for?

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