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Check out our New Web Design!


Notice anything different?

You may have noticed something different about us recently... No, it's not our hair. It's the brand new look of the website! That's right, we had a total style overhaul and we're now looking better than ever. Well, we certainly think so anyway. And we know that you agree, after all it was you lot out there that helped design it for us!

Time for a change...

We felt it was time for a change, so your favourite car hire comparison site (that's us) decided it was time for a new look and so sought out the opinions of the people that matter most to us, our customers (that's you...). We sent out surveys to users of the site, with a range of different ideas and designs and eagerly awaited your feedback. Once the results were in, we passed your thoughts on to the techies we keep locked away down in our basement and they came up with the beautiful new site that you see before you now...

The success of the website has been incredible, and shows that customers want a straightforward, one-stop car hire booking service and as a result we are always looking at new ways to give our customers the best possible experience when using our site. We value our customers feedback greatly so incorporating their opinions in the site design was a natural step.

We hope the new design continues to strengthen our position in the travel market as we look to improve customer experience and increase bookings through the newly designed website.

A Belated Fifth Birthday Present!

We look at our new makeover as a kind of belated fifth birthday present to ourselves. We celebrated five years as the UK's number one car hire comparator back in February and decided to treat ourselves (and hopefully our customers too!). As a business, we've been around for coming up to a decade. And in that time, we've helped our beloved customers find the best deal from over 50 different hire firms over 650,000 times. And we look forward to millions of more great deals with our redesigned website.

Link to our Social Network pages

The snazzy new-look site now gives you crystal clear links to our social media platforms (including Twitter, Facebook and Google+), easy-to-spot access to features about us in the press, links to our history and even a brand new 'Meet the Team' area.

So if you're curious to see how Car Rentals is bigger and better than ever, please feel free to poke around and find out. If you have any feedback, thoughts or ideas, we'd love to hear them. As ever, let us know in the comments box below...