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London is named the world's best Holiday Destination!



London has recently been named as the worlds best Holiday Destination. Why? Well to start with, London is the biggest City in Europe and has something to offer every tourist with its many attractions and not to mention with the Olympic games taking place in London this year! London also offers fantastic transport links which makes it easy to access not only for people within Britain, but also to the rest of the world with flights coming in to the London Airports of Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. So let's take a look at why London is such a hit with the tourists this year...

The Olympic Games 2012


I think it can safely be said that this is the number one reason to visit London this year! With the building of the Olympic Park and a new 60 million Olympic Cable Car, you'll be able to see stunning panoramic views the River Thames.

River Thames


If panoramic views of the River Thames from a cable car isn't your thing, then maybe a boat ride along the river sounds more appealing. Either way, its a peaceful and relaxing way to see the city! As well as that, don't forget the Thames River Festival. This years it's being used to celebrate the end of the Olympic Games but is known to be a huge success every year and attract thousands of people!

The Typical Tourist Attractions...


To start with,The London Eye offers amazing views of the city's biggest landmarks and is said to be the tallest wheel in the world. The Tower of London is probably one of the most famous and historical buildings in London plus you get the chance to see the crown jewels. Or why not take a walk across London Bridge? These are just a few of the tourist attractions that London has to offer!

The Art's


The streets are full of buskers and street artists and with plenty of Galleries including the National Gallery which holds many famous pieces of art you can't go wrong!



London is the perfect place for a shopping trip with its huge variety of shopping places from high street stores, to beautiful boutiques, designer outlets and famous markets such as Camden!

The perfect Night Out


Why not hit the town? London is renowned for it's amazing night life. The streets transform from day to evening and the night clubs are always full if you're looking for somewhere to have a good night out, London is definitely a must.

We've only tipped the iceberg with all the great things to do and see in London so why not book your car hire today and explore this great city!

So we at Carrentals want to know, where do you head to when you visit London?