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Lanzarote Is Out Of This World


Lanzarote is such an intriguing island, although many people choose to visit for the spectacular beaches, plentiful activities, and delicious cuisine. The landscape offers a stark beauty and is often thought of as otherworldly, so much so, it has been the background to many a movie and advert. Wherever visitors drive to on the unspoilt and visually impressive island of Lanzarote, they are likely to encounter many beautiful landmarks created by one of the island's most famous artists, Csar Manrique. This little island really is a feast for the eyes and offers so much to see.

One of the first things to tick off your list is to visit the Timanfaya National Park. No one would want to miss the unique beauty that was created from the volcanoes that erupted during the 1700s. As you are walking around with your tour guide, you will see cones - Lanzarote has 300 volcanic cones, salt marshes, and massive lava fields that seem to continue on for miles. Youd think that the lava fields must be cool by now, but in reality, they are still hot and tour guides will show everyone just how hot they are by throwing water on top of them, where youll see the rising steam.

Youll be able to feel the love that the artist Cesar Manrique had for this island whilst visiting the Cactus Garden, which is now filled with approximately one thousand five hundred different cacti from five continents. This garden is a little out of the way, so renting a car is a great option to reach this attraction. The experience makes it a very worthwhile trip and youll be able to delight in the sights you see on your way. If you get chance be sure to check out his home too, where the ground floor is made up of volcanic bubbles of a lava flow. It really is unusual and breathtaking.

The months of February and March are quite busy in Lanzarote, because that is when the fabulous Carnival season takes place. Anyone who is visiting at that time of the year will enjoy days filled with people dressed in costume as music plays and people party all day and all night long. Regardless of when you go, youll be treated with warm temperatures all year round and this is a major pull to anyone wanting a relaxing time in the pool or on the beach.

If you want to feel like a local, be sure to visit the Teguise Market which is held on Sundays and you can wander through hundreds of stalls as looking at food, clothing, and artisan made items. It is recommended that visitors get used to haggling before going to this market, or you will end up overpaying for much of what you purchase. The haggle is part of the fun!

Finally, you cant leave without visiting the Cueva de los Verdes which a natural spectacular sight. The Green Caves were created more than four thousand years ago, and they are part of the longest lava tunnel in the entire world. Special lighting is used to highlight the unique structures and natural colours of these caves and visitors can experience approximately one kilometre of them as they wander along three different levels.

Weve outlined just a few of the wonders of this island, theres no doubt everyone who visits will find even more adventurous things to add to their list. It typically takes under half an hour to travel across this small island by car so there will be nothing thats not accessible for you to explore.

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