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How to Earn Hilton Points via Car Hire


Hilton Points are the equivalent of air miles, except you earn them by renting cars instead of flying in planes. You may ask yourself what use are these points. Well they give you access to air miles. The question you have to ask yourself is, would it be worth collecting these.

Earning Hilton points may be easier for people who spend a lot of money renting cars, but that shouldn't put people off who only rent a car maybe once a year, or only on holidays. Anyone can instantly sign up and start collecting points. The great thing is the Hilton AmEx card is completely free and gives you access to promotional offers. It can take a long time to earn these points and have access to different promotions, but there is no obligation to earn a specific amount per year, simply collect as you go and turn the points into free hotel reservations.

Lots of car rental companies offer points plus money off when hiring vehicles, simply quote your card number and not only are you saving a fair amount of money, but you also gain points. The main purpose of these points is to either save money on a reserved room in a Hilton hotel, or if enough points have been collected and saved, a completely free room. Rooms have to be reserved in order for you to get money off, if you walk into a hotel, they wont allow you to use your points.

Happy collecting.