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Paris City Guide


Paris is the capital city of France. It is known for its monuments and museums as well as its food and fashion industries. Often called the City of Love, Pariss dedication to beauty has inspired many a love story and romance film. Heres everything you need to know before your next visit:

Where to Stay

  • Hotel Exe Paris Centre:This hotel has noteworthy service and rooms that feature art inspired by the beauty of Paris. It is in the 8th arrondissement, which is famous for the Champs Elyses and is home to many high-end shops.

  • Hotel Belloy St. Germain:This hotel has a warm atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, a bar, and a club lounge. Rooms give a modern twist to traditional rustic French dcor. It can be found in the quite Latin Quarter, known for its haute couture houses.

  • Holiday Inn Paris Gare de lEst:A familiar face in a foreign place, Holiday Inn has great views of the city skyline including the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame. Located in the 10th arrondissement, it has a restaurant, pool, fitness centre, and free Wi-Fi.

  • Castille Paris:This hotel is known for its luxury rooms and butler/room service. It has an Italian restaurant and bar. It is located in the 1st arrondissement near many shops and boutiques.

  • Generator Paris:This hostel has private rooms and stylish dorms (with female-only options). As well, it boasts a night club in the basement, a restaurant, and rooftop terrace.

Where to Eat

  • Abri:Abri is a Japanese inspired bistro that is known for delicious and affordable lunches. The pork katsu draws hungry locals to queue down the street on any given day.
  • LAssiette:This award-winning bistro tucked away in the 14th arrondissement is an absolute must for seafood lovers. It is most well-known for fresh takes on traditional French dishes, but what they do with seafood is nothing short of art. The cuttlefish carbonara and sea bream tartare are to die for.
  • Comice:Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the Comice is a Michelin-starred restaurant. They specialise in contemporary takes on French cuisine and wines from up-and-coming producers. Some of their most popular dishes are their sweet pea and mascarpone ravioli and the butter-poached lobster.
  • Hugo & Co:This eatery in the Latin Quarter is full of good food and rustic charm. It was recently voted the 2019 Best Bistro of the Year. They specialise in French-Cambodian fusion small-plate dishes. Guest favourites include the savoury pancakes and black chocolate tart.
  • A Noste:A Noste is a casual restaurant and tapas bar that specialises in Basque cuisine from the southwest of France. Make sure to try their signature taloa these big, sausage stuffed sandwiches that are a staple of Basque food.


  • Nuits Fauves:The Nuits Fauves is a nightclub located underneath another nightclub. It was built in the basement of the Wanderlust club in 2016 and has a distinct warehouse rave vibe.
  • Djoon:Djoon is known for its live concerts. Theyre the go-to place for funk, jazz, and soul performances.
  • La Station:This hip night club is built in an old train station. It was created as part of a project to transform run-down urban sites into works of art. They also do movie screenings and shows.
  • La Java:The party at this art deco club has been going since 1924. Theyre known for their eclectic music offerings and relaxed vibes. Its a low key, intimate place to get together.
  • Concrete:Concrete is a unique club that is built on a repurposed barge anchored near the Place de la Bastille. Its multiple floors offer something for everyone, but it is best known for its intimate atmosphere.

What to Do in Paris

  • Eiffel Tower:You cant visit Paris without climbing the Eiffel Tower. This iconic landmark offers breath-taking views of the entire city. Its family-friendly and handicap accessible. The Eiffel Tower is easy to access thanks to the many parking lots and public transit stops nearby.
  • The Louvre:The Louvre is home to some of the most famous art pieces in the world. Youll see such treasures as the Mona Lisa or some of Pablo Picassos original paintings. The Louvre is also home to many historical treasures from all over the world.
  • Paris Fashion Week:Paris Fashion Week is the premier event in the fashion industry. Everyone who is anyone will be there. Some shows are closed to the public, but many are open to everyone.
  • Notre-Dame:Notre-Dame church is a medieval cathedral that sits on an island in the Seine River in the centre of Paris. Open year-round, it is a must-see for any art or history lover.
  • Disneyland Paris:The French Disney resort is like no other. The parks of Disneyland Paris are full of magic and you can get a great deal when you bundle your hotel room.

3 Fun Facts about Paris

  1. Paris was first settled in 250 B.C. by a Celtic tribe called the Parisii.
  2. Theres only one stop sign in the whole city.
  3. There are 3 statues of Liberty in Paris.

How to Get There

With all its arrondissements and metro, navigating Paris might seem intimidating at first. However, its easier than you think. Paris has a fantastic public transportation system that links most monuments, landmarks, and places of interest. Its composed of multiple bus and train systems that can take you almost anywhere.

While the public transportation system in Paris is good, sometimes the fastest way to navigate the city is in a car. Rental cars are available at most airports and major train stations. Parking used to be tricky, but now there are parking apps that let you reserve spots in advance on your smartphone.