Top 10 Gift Ideas For Travellers

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Whether you’re a festive fan or a grumbling grinch, there’s no getting around the fact that Christmas is upon us once more. And you know what that means: turkeys, John Lewis ads, Slade, elderly relatives, baubles, booze and of course, presents. Christmas gifts can be great, they can be rubbish. Nobody wants to receive a terrible pressy, do they? And similarly no one wants to give a bad one. If you’re tasked with buying a gift for one or more friends or family members that are into their travels, then we can help. Here’s our suggestions of what to get them – our ‘Top 10 Gift Ideas For Travellers’…


1. World Map Hip Flask

Your gift receiver can learn about world geography and then instantly forget it through booze! Which is kind of pointless when you think about it. Still – it’s a top gift for anyone that jets about a bit (and likes the odd nip).


2. Malin & Goetz Essential Kit

This is perfect for travellers with hygiene standards. This handy little kit has six little bottles all measuring 29ml of lotions and potions – so there’s no need to worry about going over your 30ml allowance of liquids onboard a plane. Face moisturiser, face cleanser, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body moisturiser. Sorted!


3. Compass Necklace Pendant

This snazzy brass necklace is a nautical gem that looks great and has practical functions too. Okay, so it’s not THAT useful nowadays when you’re traipsing around Bangkok, but still… It does look cool.


4. Scratch Map

For completists or recovering scratch card addicts, this visit n’ scratch world map is ideal.


5. 747 Things to Do On a Plane Book

If your present recipient is due to spend a lot of time bundled up in a tiny little sky seat soon, this could prove invaluable. There are plenty of ways to keep busy in the air here. 747, in fact. 747. What a weird number. 747. 747… Hang on… We get it! Like the plane. Ha!


6. Travel Pillow

Sure, it might not be the most original present. But when they’re screwed up into a six inch squared space onboard and have finished their ‘747’ book, they’ll no doubt want to sleep the rest of the journey off. Which is easier said than done. Although not with one of these…


7. Kindle


Simple. But brilliant nonetheless. The ultimate space-saving/time-killing combo.


8. Portable Shower

If they’re likely to be staying in places that might have questionable sanitary conditions or just no running water/shower facilities, that doesn’t mean they have to go feral and be a 21st Century Swampy figure. Get ‘em one of these. Just find a water source and get cleaning!


9. Swiss Army Knife

These are always useful.


10. Travel Cluedo

The original and ultimate sleuthing board game. It’s a classic, but it’s still fun. You can play it on a train, on a plane or in the study. With your friends, family or a candlestick. It’s a great gift too.


So there you have our best ten ideas. That should be enough inspiration to get your ‘gift-getting’ brain going. Got a great ideas of your own? Please share – it is Christmas, after all!