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Facebook Sweepstake Take 2! Win 250!!


It's better to give than it is to receive. That what our old Granddad used to tell us. And we concur. Great advice, Pops! We might not agree than Perry Como is the greatest ever recording artist or that liver and bacon is the tastiest meal ever devised, but we're with you on the giving thing, Gramps. And to prove it we want to give away 250 worth of Amazon vouchers!

Didn't you just do that?

Indeed we did. Thanks for remembering. Just because Christmas comes but once a year, that doesn't mean that us lot here at Car Rentals can't treat our much loved customers a little more regularly. Our last competition to give out Amazon vouchers was such a huge runaway success, with so many entrants that we felt bad for all those that didn't bag the prize. So we've gone and done it again...

So what, it's exactly the same thing?

Well, not quite. This time, there's even more chance of winning (oh yeah!) We're going to extend the entry dates to a fortnight, so you'll have two weeks to enter this time around. Not only that but we'll be making multiple entries possible for this sweepstake. All you need to do is 'like' us on Facebook to automatically be entered into the draw. To get extra chances to bag the prize, just share the link on your Facebook page (don't just cut and paste the link, we won 't spot that you've shared it that way...) and if one of your friends enters via your shared link and clicking 'like', you'll be entered again. Twice the chance of the big prize!

When is the fortnight window?

Good of you to ask. The contest starts on Wednesday August 1st and closes Tuesday 14th August. Unfortunately, any likes before or after these dates won't be considered.

I'm interested, got a link?

Of course! Just CLICK HERE, click 'Like' and follow the simple steps to enter!

Don't worry if you don't scoop the 250 of vouchers, just keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for other competitions and news and bits and bobs in the future. We're always updating it with news and schemes and other things you'll hopefully be keen on. You'll love it.

So get entering, get sharing and best of British to you!

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