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Dubrovnik The Pearl of the Adriatic


The medieval city of Dubrovnik is full of history and that is what draws people there by thousands each year. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Adriatic, this bewitching coastal city is just that. It is one of the most visited destinations along Croatias Adriatic coastline. This probably has something to do with its UNESCO World Heritage site status, with the limestone streets lined with architectural delights and the Adriatic Sea that sparkles out in the distance.

One of the first things that everyone will want to see when they arrive in Dubrovnik are the ancient city walls. These walls were the first defence of the city and they surround the old town section of the area. You can walk along the entire two kilometers of the walls, and you will see two corner fortifications, seventeen towers, five bastions, and the St. John Fortress along the way. It is best to tackle this journey earlier in the day, before the heat gets too intense and the crowds form.

It's worth a venture over to the Franciscan Monastery during your stay, as most of this building has been intact since the 1300s. The church itself was destroyed during an earthquake that hit during the 17th century, but it was rebuilt shortly afterwards. Two must-see features are the pharmacy, which has been open since 1317, and the library with its twenty thousand books.

There are extraordinary views of this city from numerous vantage points, but none of them are as stunning as the ones that can be seen during a ride on the cable car. The ride takes approximately five minutes each way and it takes passengers up seven hundred and seventy-eight meters to the top of Mount Srd.

Anyone that has been a fan of the Game of Thrones will want to take advantage of one of the guided tours that are offered in Dubrovnik. So many of the unforgettable scenes were filmed in this city and many of the tour guides were used as extras during filming. Therefore, they can really give participants of the tour an insiders look at each stop.

While Dubrovnik is never overly crowded, there are times when visitors will want to get away from the hustle and bustle in the city. When that happens, you should drive down to the Old Port to catch the taxi boat over to Lokrum Island. This island has spacious beaches that are clean and perfect for swimming, as well as the Napoleonic Fort Royale from the 19th century. Just remember to be on the last boat back to the mainland though, or youll find yourself stranded on the island until the next day.

Spending time in Dubrovnik can be a fascinating experience for everyone, because there is so much to learn about the history of the city whilst wandering around at your leisure.Its old walled city is understandably its biggest draws and is completely pedestrianised, but a car is a great way to explore other destinations along the coast as well as the neighbouring countries of Bosnia and Montenegro. In fact, many people will find themselves so intrigued that they may not be ready to leave when it is time to return home.

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