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Top 7 Weird Danger Signs from Around the World


When traveling around the world, you are bound to run into some crazy warning signs. The odd thing is, most of these caution signs are real problems! As crazy as the sign may seem, someone has actually attempted what the sign is telling you not to do. Most of the time, these warnings could be avoided altogether if people used a little common sense. On that same note, if people did, then we would not have all of these funny danger signs to laugh at.

Today, we are going to cover some of the craziest danger signs from around the world. Do keep in mind that there are tons of these signs out there, and we are only covering the top 7. If you have a favorite danger sign that you would like to share with everyone, be sure to tell us about it below.

1. Warning. This Sign Has Sharp Edges

Alright, let's say you are visiting America. You are driving down the highway and come across a sigh that tells you, Warning. This Sign has Sharp Edges. Alright, well that is nice to know. However, it leaves people wondering: Why did they make a sign to tell you that? After all, if they never made the sign, then there would be no sharp edges to worry about. Well, if you read in small print at the bottom, you can see that it also warns you of a bridge being out ahead. Maybe they should have focused a bit more on the bridge being out, and a little less on the sharp edges. Just a suggestion.

2. Touching Wires Causes Instant Death. $200 Fine

This next sign is brought to you from Australia. Apparently, the Newcastle Tramway Authority wants to warn people that touching the tramway wires will cause instant death. That's actually really good to know. It's the second part of the sign that gets me. You would think that the instant death would be enough to stop people from touching it. Do they really feel it is necessary to cause you even more pain by fining your dead body $200. Talk about kicking a guy while he's down.

3. Please Be Safe! Do Not Stand, Sit, Climb or Lean on Zoo Fence.

When on holiday, nothing is better than visiting a local zoo. Well, at some zoos around the world (this goes double for the United States), you may come across signs offering some good advice. It warns you to avoid climbing, leaning, siting, or standing on zoo fences. That's nice, they want to keep you safe. Well, if you keep reading, they really just want to keep their animals safe. The sign says that animals could eat you, and that might make them sick. Oh well, guess you got to think of the animals first, right?

4. Caution No Warning Signs

This next little number comes straight to you from the United States (they really lead the way with bad signs). While driving down some of the roads, you may come across a sign that tells you, Caution No Warning Signs. Well, first of all, the sign just proved itself wrong. Warning me that there are no warning signs is a warning in itself. Just seems odd to me to make a sign telling you there are no signs.

5. Broken Heel Warning

Next time you travel to Denmark, you may want to leave your high heels at home. At least, that is what our next warning sign has to say. When approaching a cobbled Danish street, you are likely to see a Broken Heel Warning. Guess the Danish government is really concerned about your shoes, as they should be.

6. Yield to Frogs

The next time you travel to Sweden, you may want to remember that frogs have the right of way. At least, that is what this Swedish Yield to Frogs sign means. Over in Sweden, whenever you see a triangle outline in red, it means priority. Thus, this sign would mean that all amphibians have the right of way.

7. Do not Laugh at the Natives

This last sign is located in many places all over the world, and it offers some good advice. If you are a tourist, maybe you should not laugh at the natives. This would be good advice to keep in mind since you are outnumbered by...well...a lot. The odd thing is, they actually had to make this a sign. Which means, at some point, they were getting a lot of tourists laughing at natives. Do people go on holiday just looking to start a fight?