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Culture Rich Mozambique


The African country of Mozambique is filled with phenomenal culture, which means that visitors will find a plethora of adventures to keep them busy during their time there. As a bonus, the warm sandy beaches, as well as the sparkling water that those beaches lead to, will beckon to those who wish for a little downtime for rest and relaxation. Add to this beautiful colonial architecture and a thriving nightlife, not forgetting a vast cultural mix.

One of the first things that everyone should do when they arrive in Mozambique is head on over to Fort Sao Sebastian. This massive fort is the most important feature in the area, as well as the oldest. It took over fifty years to create this amazing structure, which was time well spent since most of the original walls are still in place. Before going anywhere else, its a great idea to spend a little time at the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, which isnt too far away.

The Municipal Market in Maputo is the perfect place for travellers to find fresh produce for snacks and meals, numerous spices, as well as traditional carvings to take home with them. While the crowds can make the entire shopping experience overwhelming, visitors are encouraged to take a step back and simply watch the locals barter, as they buy and sell. It gives a unique viewpoint of the lives of the locals and youll be absorbed in its ancient traditions.

Wed advise giving yourself more freedom with a car so you can head for a trip to the Bazaruto National Park, as it offers tranquillity and fantastic water for snorkelling. There you can hop on a speed boat to finish your trip and arrive in style. Once you arrive at the park, you can jump into the water to snorkel along as much of the Two-Mile Reef as you desire. While in the water, snorkelers will find that the depth of the water changes drastically between points like Surgeon Rock, The Arches, and Shark Point.

Driving to the Gorongosa National Park is another must for visitors in Mozambique, due to the natural beauty, wildlife, and the multiple conservation projects that take place there. Visitors will find activities for all ages within the park, but most will choose to visit the Vinho Community to learn more about their lifestyle, culture, and traditions. No matter what a traveller chooses to do with their time in Gorongosa National Park, they must make sure that they do as much as they can to try to catch fabulous photos of a few of the antelope, hippos, elephants, and lions that call the park home.

A vacation in Mozambique can be as thrilling or as low-key as a visitor wants, although most people will find themselves incorporating a little of both into their trip. This southeast African country hasnt been high up on travellers maps but we are seeing a change of trend lately and it will become more and more popular. It is a land of discovery, which is not always easy but undoubtedly massively rewarding. Bring your sense of adventure and you will not regret your trip of a lifetime!

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