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Colourful Cool Copenhagen


Theres not too many destinations around the world where visitors can feel right at home as soon as they arrive. However, Copenhagen is one of those places where everyone will feel like they can explore the city just like a local and never worry about looking out of place. The capital of Denmark and the largest city in Scandinavia, draws people to visit as they enjoy its Latin Quarter, shopping on Stroget and landmarks including Hans Christian Andersens mermaid statue.Copenhagen is the perfect example of Scandi cool.

The area of Nyhavn never used to be a place where anyone would want to visit, but in recent years, that has drastically changed. Nyhavn is a historical waterfront that has dozens of tall homes from the 1600s and 1700s on both sides of the water. The tops of the homes are still used as places to live, but the bottoms of each one is now where charming cafs, local restaurants, and popular bars can be found. Those who choose to sit outside or near a window, as they are dining or enjoying a cup of coffee, will find themselves staring out at the old wooden ships that are moored in the canal. Visitors will want to pay close attention to the houses that are marked with numbers twenty, eighteen, and sixty-seven, as Hans Christian Andersen owned all of them at one point or another.

Beautiful plants and flowers, more than thirteen thousand of them, can be found within the ten hectares of Copenhagens botanical garden. While visitors will love exploring the beauty of the botanicals all around them, it will be the glasshouses that capture their attention the most. Each one is from the 1870s, but it is the conservatory ones that were constructed in 1874 that are the most intriguing.

You can see how King Christian IV lived back in the 1600s when you visit the Rosenborg Castle. There have been numerous changes to the interior of this castle over the years, but King Christian IVs bathroom and chambers are all like they were during his reign.

Those who love going on rides at theme parks will want to wander over to Tivoli Gardens, which happens to be one of the oldest amusement parks in the entire world. While the rides are fascinating, it is the Orient-like atmosphere that makes this park an experience of a lifetime. The favourite ride amongst many visitors seems to be the Star Flyer, which is a carousel that takes everyone approximately eighty meters off the ground.

While there are numerous walking tours throughout this city, and many people choose to get from one destination to another via bicycles, most visitors will find that renting a vehicle is always going to be their best option. After all, there is much more to Copenhagen than what can be found on the streets near the local hotels and theres an abundance of day trips out of the area too.

Millions of people travel the world every year and Copenhagen is one of the destinations that needs to be at the very top of everyones list for their next trip. No one will regret their decision to visit this area of the world and many visitors will choose to return at least once more in their lifetime.

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