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Cheaper Car Hire Rates and How To Get Them


How easy can it be to obtain cheaper car hire rates, well that depends on the individual company. Due to the recession most companies increased their prices, this lead to a downfall in rentals, reasons behind this were, the companies couldnt afford to purchase newer vehicles. Luckily people who pre-book a vehicle, maybe around 2-3 months in advance, could evade the prices during peak times. Of course the simplest way to avoid the charges in to rely purely on public transport, bikes or walking, this option will often complicate getting around a city.

Check Prices Throughout the Year

When browsing through various websites, checking at different times of the year can lead to cheaper car rentals. If you have a holiday booked next year, planning as far as 8 months in advanced can lead to a very cheap rental vehicle. Looking at a larger vehicle has its advantages, sure you will be driving around in a vehicle that has more room than you necessarily need, but this can provide you with a better deal. You may be asking your, how does that work, well the majority of people will go for a smaller vehicle, as they provide all the space they need. If you are willing to go for a larger vehicle, not only could the vehicle cost the same as a smaller vehicle, you may even save yourself a small amount of money.

If taking young children on holiday with you...

If taking young children on holiday with you, taking your own accessories such as child seats can save money, but you will get charged when going through customs. A great solution to this problem, would be to invest in an inflatable chair that you can carry with you, these take up a small amount of space and are extremely versatile, you could also you these as a seat when sitting outside.