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Best Vehicle To Drive In Snow


The most obvious answer to this question would be a snow plow, thought a snow plow would without doubt be the best option, it's not a practical solution for everyone to run out and buy one. Could you imagine main roads being jammed with nothing but snow plows.

A more suitable solution would be a powerful and sturdy 4x4 vehicle such a Humvee or a Land Rover. Thought these would be the easiest to control on snowy road, this is not a cheap or practical option for everyone. Another option would be a very reliable front-wheel drive vehicle, here are some of the most popular vehicles, the Subaru Outback, Volvo XC90, Volkswagen Touareg, Ford Taurus X and Hyundai Santa Fe. If your vehicle has been taken care of and has experienced no serious issues, most vehicles will be able to travel with relative safety in winter conditions.

The Toyota Hilux would be an awesome choice, for any fan of the BBC series Top Gear, you may remember an episode where they all tried to destroy one. No matter what they did to this monster of a pick up truck, they just couldn't get it to stop running, even with the most basic of tools, they still managed to get it running again.

Before setting out on a long journey, it could be a good idea to store some vital items in your vehicle. Water, basic food and blankets, especially important if you have younger children traveling with you. These items would be very useful if anything bad happened such as your vehicle breaking down. A source of light kept in your glove box or in the boot of your car, would help you not only see, but also alert any other drivers to your presence whilst walking to an emergency phone or a service station.

There are a variety of options available to help your everyday car travel on snow or even ice covered roads. A cheap option would be to wrap chains around your tires, this will provide you with a bit more grip on icy roads. More expensive options are available including snow tires. These replace your all-weather tires with more traction and metal studs to dig into the snow and ice.

Adding extra weight to your vehicle, could help you gain control of your vehicle if you begin to lose control. The extra weight will help push your car closer to the road, helping more of the tire traction to grip the road. This won't be as necessary if you have replaced your tires with snow tires or have wrapped them with chains.

As with all driving be safe and dont rush.