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A Romanian Road Trip


While Romania is perhaps best known for the fictional character who calls the country home, Count Dracula, visitors will find here medieval castles and monasteries, quaint seaside villages, untouched woodlands with rich wildlife and the second highest mountain range in Europe, the Carpathians. Transylvanian towns feel like they are stood still in time, which contrasts to the vibrancy and energy of Bucharest. The country of Romania is unique in so many ways and it is also filled with thrilling adventures so has something appealing for every kind of traveller.

Of course the most popular attraction within Romania is Bran Castle, although it is commonly referred to as Draculas Castle. This castle is currently a museum that has been dedicated to all the art and furniture that Queen Maria collected during her lifetime. The museum continues out on the grounds, where visitors can see Romanian peasant structures that were moved there from other villages around the country. This is the perfect opportunity to learn a great deal whilst you take a tour of the grounds, as the guides know which secrets are worth sharing.

While the entire world has a list of the seven wonders, Romania happens to have their own list for their country. Corvin Castle is on that list and it is also one of the largest castles within all of Europe. Corvin Castle can be found within the city of Hunedoara and visitors will want to see Throne Hall, Knights Hall, and the beautiful stained-glass window of none other than John Hunyadi, who was the military leader of Hungary.

The Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum is located within Herastrau Park, which is in Bucharest. The museum is comprised of almost three hundred different houses and farms that share what it was like to live within a Romanian village many years ago. Every inch of this museum is different, which means that everyone will be interested from the moment they arrive until the second that they leave. The favourite features of the museum include a Dragomiresti church and a Buzau house from the 18th century.

Most cemeteries around the world look practically the same, but Merry Cemetery in Romania is popular due to its colourful tombstones and paintings. While the cemetery is home to those who are buried there, visitors use the grounds as an open-air museum and wander around reading all the epitaphs and seeing the intricate details of the artwork. While every tomb is a must-see, no one should miss the one for Stan Ioan Patras, who was the creator of the cemetery.

Romania boasts beautiful cities that are medieval and modern, as well as scenic port towns. The capital city of Bucharest should not be missed and a must see is the Parliament Palace, the Worlds largest Parliament building. In Sibiu, visitors will discover why the city is considered one of the countries cultural and tourism centres. Aside from the old town, the beautifully preserved medieval fort, the Citadel of Sibiu, is a must-see.

The best way to travel is by car as one of the most stunning drives in Europe is here too, specifically along the Transfagarasan Highway. Roads pass through Cartisoara meadows, the Fagaras Mountains and Poenari Castle. You will not be disappointed!

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