20 Hero and Villain Vehicles – Win or Lose

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From the many versions of the Batmobile to the flaming wheels of Ghost riders motorcycle, Superheroes, war heroes and villains have graced our screens and featured in some of our favourite comics for the last 60 or so years. Some villains like Green Goblin and heroes like Batman and Ghost Rider are interchangeable from their vehicles, you are not sure where one stops and the other begins.


We thought we would pitch the good and the bad guys’ vehicles against each other and choose a winner, based (mostly) on the vehicles’ differences. You might agree or disagree, if you do please take time to leave a comment.

1 – Spiderman

Spiderman’s Beach Buggy 

Spiderman described this car as “lame”, but then he grew to love it when he found out it was tricked out with the Spider Signal spotlight, ejector seats and web shooters.


Goblin Glider

The Glider holds the rider on using electromagnetic clasps on the wings, the Goblin can control the Glider via voice control in his mask. Its top speed is 90mph and has a range of toys such as – heat seeking smart missiles, machine guns, extending blades, flame throwers and its famous pumpkin bomb launcher.


Winner - Goblin Glider - Even if the Tinkerer had not turned the Spidermobile into a weapon bent on Spiderman’s destruction, we still think that the Goblin Glider is much cooler.

2 – Batman

Batman – The Tumbler

The design of the Tumbler is influenced by the Spinners from Blade Runner. It also has a motorcycle called the Batpod incorporated within its design, which Batman uses to escape the Tumbler when it is destroyed by the Joker. Its top speed is of around 100 mph and reaches 0-60 in 5 seconds, this power comes from jet engine fed by propane tanks in the rear.



Harvey Dent (Two-Face) 1948 Porsche 356 Roadster 

With a top speed of 135 km/h Two Face would have definitely been able to keep pace with the Batmobile. Ok, so it isn’t tricked out with gadgets but you can’t ignore the style of this classic.



Winner – The Tumbler – On pure value for money (car + bike) and design based on Blade Runner.

3. Men in Black 3

MIB Circle Bike

All you hear on the net about these bikes at the moment are rumours, but from the look of them they work by the user sitting in this circular device and the bike hovers above the ground.


Boris – Alien Bike

Again, this film is not out yet so whispers about this bike being shown at Comic Con are all we have, but you can see its alien looks clearly.


Winner – MIB Circle bike - Because those circle bikes are just too damn cool for words

4. Captain America

Captain America Harley

The iconic Captain America on his Harley-Davidson Cross Bones motorcycle, customised to look like a World War II model. You have to admire the design of this bike. Ok, it does not have the weaponry of the Batmobile, but its classic good looks would stand the test of time.



Hydra organisation motorcycle

A Daniel Simon concept for the Hydra Motorbikes in Captain America, the bike was originally supposed to be taking its design from the classic Harley Davidson V-Rod frame but due to the script’s description of the bike, an Anduro-Offroad bike was finally used as the main structure. Unlike the simple classic bike of Captain America, the Hydra is fitted with machine guns.



Winner – The Hydra organisation motorcycle - I’m a sucker for steampunk

5. Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze – Ghost Rider’s motorcycle

We picked this version of the Ghost Rider motorbike, purely for it being ‘so damn cool’. It looks like it has just driven out of hell and I don’t think the current version has that inspiration around it.



Orb – Motorbike

Like Johnny Blaze, Drake Shannon is also a motorcycle stunt performer. His motorbike is specially modified for the Orb, the bike of course is not as impressive as the Orb’s helmet which could be considered as part of his vehicle. The Orb’s helmet (a giant eye) has the ability to hypnotise people, firing lasers and create illusions.



Winner - Ghost Rider’s motorcycle - Although the eyeball helmet is superb, but it still cannot beat a chopper that is burning with hellfire.

6. Austin Powers

Austin Powers Shaguar

Austin Powers Shaguar is a 1970s Jaguar E-Type is worth $59,900 and now resides in a museum in the UK. I think for any E-Type fan the Shaguar would get their passion flowing. It has custom-painted British flag exterior, red carpeting and a blue and red interior with white piping.




Dr Evil – The Big Boy Rocket

The Rocket Ship shaped like a Big Boy statue which also looks like a *&%££. The great thing about the Big Boy is that you can freeze yourself inside it and wake up years later looking fantastic.


 Winner – Austin Powers Shaguar - Purely because of the white stitching, even though I love the idea of freezing yourself.

7. World War ll

Winston Churchill’s Daimler

Winston Churchill’s Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe was built in 1939 and sold recently for £250,000. Cheap, if you consider that this is probably one of the last remaining cars, the other planned coupes were halted in production due to the bombing of the factory during the Blitz.  The others were also destroyed during the London bombings.



Hitlers bulletproof Mercedes-Benz

Yes, Hitler’s car (one of seven Mercedes that he used) is still alive and well; the 1940 bulletproof Grober Mercedes-Benz 770 Series II (W150) is living in a museum. The limousine has a supercharged 7.7-litre straight eight engine and is bulletproof thanks to 6cm glass, handy for driving away quickly when people are shooting at you. The car was also mine-proof supposedly as it had 6cm thick steel flooring. Only 88 of these cars were created and most were given to Nazi officers.


Winner – Winston Churchill’s Daimler - Do I have to even say why?


Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle

Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle was sexy in the grid and now it can be used on the streets, for the sum of £33,000. The fibreglass bike is an exact replica of the Sam Flynns Light Cycle and features a fuel-injected Suzuki 996cc engine, with hubless truck wheels, decorated by luminescent strips and has a top speed of 120mph. It also has a plug in for your iPad to download ride stats into the bike’s onboard computer.


Rinzler Light Cycle 

As far as a CGI Light Cycle goes, Rinzler’s bike does not really differ from Flynn’s with the exception of its rider. Of course, an evil Tron is more than enough of a selling point for this bike. We hope that you can also buy the street light bike in orange too.


Winner – Sam Flynn Light Cycle - Come on, black and orange is hot and Rinzler is Tron, but you can actually buy and ride the blue one.

9. Star Wars

Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter

The main stay of the rebel fleet, is the X-Wing Fighter, it is fitted with four cannons, proton torpedo launcher and a pod for an R2 unit that can make on-the-spot repairs.


Darth Vader’s Advanced TIE Fighter

A replacement for the standard TIE Fighters, this was used by Vader during a number of battles. It features twin ion engines, bent solar array wings making it is faster. It can withstand more cannon fire than the original fighter, but this means that it has less manoeuvrability. It does however have cluster missile launcher and blaster cannons.


Winner – Luke Skywalker  X-Wing Fighter  - It comes with a pod for an Astromech droid.

10. Fantastic Four’s Car

The Fantasticar 

Created by Mr Fantastic, this vehicle has four parts and each one can carry two people. It can reach speeds of 350mph, it does however look a bit like a bathtub. It does not use fossil fuels, which would be superb in 2012 with the exorbitant costs of running a family car.


Doctor Doom’s Fortress

This gigantic airship has room for dozens of Doctor Doom’s robot helpers and it is fitted with escape pods, a central control room and a device that can shut down all electrical devices. It is also fitted with disintegrator cannons and, inside the fortress enemies are met with dozens of traps, a room that fills with cement, collapsable floors and a maze of moving iron bars.




Winner - Doctor Doom’s fortress – Look at how much kit it has and robots.