10 Reasons It’s Better To Drive!

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So you’re taking a trip. Nice. Whether it’s business or pleasure, you’re alone or with friends and family, travelling can be a nice break from day-to-day life. But which mode of transport is best? What’s the superior way to get about? Of course, if you’re off to South Africa or Japan, you’ll probably want to jump on a plane. Calais? The ferry’s your best port of call (‘port’ – geddit?). But more often than not, driving’s the best option. Sure, we would say that – but we can back it up. With FACTS! Let’s have a look at ten great reasons to get behind the wheel when you’re off on your travels…

Fuel prices vs. ticket prices

Sure, petrol prices aren’t exactly at their cheapest ever but compare them to airplane tickets and it’s peanuts. Even low cost airlines aren’t all that cheap – they add hidden costs. And there are plenty of taxes to ramp up the prices.

More luggage

Planes will limit the amount of suitcases you can take, there are restrictions on the weight your bag must be and not forgetting limits on the size of your bag and hand luggage. The only limitation you have in your car is the size of your boot and back seats!

Take in the sights


Holidaying in the south of France? Why miss out on all the sights and sounds of the countryside because you’re thousands of feet up in the air in a stuffy airplane cabin? Cruise down there on the road and you’ll not have to miss a thing. Make the journey part of the holiday and not just a precursor to it.

Cut the extra costs

We’ve mentioned hidden fees and taxes but the extra costs don’t stop there with air travel. You’ve got to pay to park up but there are transfer costs on the other side to consider too.

It’s better for the environment

Provided you’re not throttling a Humvee for thousands of miles, it really is. A modern and fuel-efficient car generates significantly fewer greenhouse gases than air travel.

Take a break

If you’ve got young children, flying can be a bit of a nuisance. Similarly train travel can be a trial. At least with driving you can pull over at take a break. Most airline pilots aren’t all that keen on pulling over…

Save money on buying stuff

One of the advantages of being able to take more things with you in a car is that you’ll have less gear to buy once you reach your destination. As space isn’t an issue, you won’t have to leave things behind.

No more nerves


If you’re travelling in a relatively size-y group, chances are that someone in your party will be nervy about the flight. Fear of flying can be a real drag. You needn’t worry about it in a motor!

Less delays

Technically your journey may take less time in the sky than on the ground. But factor in things like time spent waiting in airport lounges and queuing and journey times are ramped right up.

Duty Free aint free!

The glittering, sparkling stuff at Duty Free may be cheaper than normal, but you’ll buy more than you usually would. Sunglasses, perfume, booze, 800 cigarettes – all things you won’t be tempted to blast your holiday budget on all sorts…

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with us? Is it cars all the way for you too…?