1. Who drives better, men or women?


      Well, that depends who you ask. A survey by Privilege Insurance last year revealed that 87 percent of men felt that they were better drivers, while 72 per cent of women surprisingly agreed with them.  Mostly they were wrong as it turns out. The stats tell a different story in this age old-debate. While perceptions might favour men, the empirical evidence hands the benefit of doubt to women, which is why insurance premiums for women drivers was always cheaper.     Privilege proved the point by watching a sample of 50 cars at Hyde Park Corner last year, and while it was hardly scientific, the results overwhelmingly favoured women as the safer drivers. Here are some of the results; Stopping on amber lights: women – 85%, men – 44% Indicating on turning: women – 96%, men 82% Right speed approaching hazards: women – 75%, men – 55% Steering control: women – 96%, men – Read more…

  2. Crash for Cash costing us all


      Did you know that our insurance premiums are about £40 more per year than they ought to be due to widepread fraudulent claims that cost the UK car insurance industry at least £300 million a year. Crash for cash claims have become a chronic problem for insurers who have to pay out for accidents on behalf of their customers, when in fact the accident was contrived. Believe-it-not, dishonest motorists are causing some 30,000 accidents a year in order to fraudulently claim damages. In a well publicised court case in Manchester in 2015, driver Alina Khan was exposed after causing a rear-end accident in 2010 that might have cost the driver of a Vauxhall Corsa £30,000 in various damages. Fortunately a dashcam recorded the incident and investigation revealed that there had been no cause for the sudden braking of Khan’s Audi. In court it materialised that she had colluded with panel beater Kamran Yasin to Read more…

  3. Nine really stupid things people do while driving

    texting and driving

      OK, some people may be guilty of taking a mobile call while driving. Perhaps some of us might have hurriedly applied make-up while waiting at a stoplight, or fumbled with your CD collection while driving. But there are some really astonishing examples of recklessness that people do while driving.     1. A commuter in Aberdeen was caught on smartphone camera by a passing cyclist while the driver worked on his laptop, with ear plugs in both ears and a phone in his hand, as uploaded to mashable in February 2015.   2. The driver of a Renault Clio was pulled over in a routine police stop in Guildford and found with a can of Stella open in her lap, though they had to let her go with a caution (and the beer confiscated) since she actually passed the breathalyzer, as reported in May 2015 by the Daily Mirror.   3. Playing your guitar Read more…

  4. Top 10 car theft places in Britain

    car thief with flashlight

      Is your postcode on the hotlist of chronic places for car theft? This could indicate why your premiums are higher than usual. With a nod to stats from here’s a list of the ten worst places in Britain to leave your car unattended. So, if you’re planning to visit any of these areas with your rented car from we strongly suggest you take out fully comprehensive insurance.   There’s some obvious ones on this list but scroll down and you’ll be surprised at which area is tops in car theft.   10th Romford, Essex (post code RM7) 3.10% of local residents have reported a theft of or from their car.   9th New Tredegar, Newport, Wales (NP24) 3.14% of locals have reported a car break-in or theft.   8th Arbourthorne, Sheffield (S2) 3.15% of people living in this suburb have experienced a car related crime.   7th Bradford city centre (BD1) 3.16% Read more…

  5. 10 super cars you wish you could drive for a day


    At Carrentals you can find a selection of cars including posh choice, such as the Merc C series or latest BMWs. Some US suppliers even offer soft-top sports models like the Mustang. But what if you really wanted to dream for a day! We had some fun and sought out 10 of the most outrageously fast, sexy, expensive, untouchable models money can buy. Believe it or not some are even available for hire through exclusive firms, though you’ll need to be pretty flush to afford one, some cost £12,000 for a day’s hire!   1.    Aston Martin DB10   First: a warning. You may struggle to get your hands on the wheel of Bond’s latest automotive masterpiece. Based on the Vantage, and featuring the same 4.7 litre V8 engine, the DB10 was designed and produced specifically for Spectre. As sleek and stylish as you’d expect, the DB10 is almost certainly the only car on this Read more…

  6. Gift ideas for drivers this Christmas

    last minute shopping

      Last minute shopping. Not sure what to get your hubby? Here’s a few ideas to google online, although you may need to pop down to Halfords to pick one up in time.   A car coffee mug   Inexpensive but super useful. Top up this durable aluminium flask for the old man before he sets off for work in the morning and he can sip it while sitting in the traffic. Stays warm for hours. Choose from a range of stylish and well designed models, ensuring it’s leak proof and has a sipping lip. Price: £20.   Top Gear DVD’s     Clarkson, May and Hammond may longer amuse us on Sunday nights but you can relive their laddish humour with a large collection of hour-long DVD’s. These include episodes from their legendary road trips around the world, behind the scenes outtakes, and general weekly shows. Special box set: 34.99, Greatest Hits: Price: £13,99. Read more…

  7. Satnav versus Smartphone app, which is best?

    lost driving

      Satnavs, also known as GPS units, have revolutionised the way we get lost. Or, more accurately, prevent us from losing our way on unfamiliar roads. Travelling sales persons swear by them but for others who rarely venture beyond the confines of their town, you might be unfamiliar with the current crop of devices or applications available to those who still rely on the good old London A-Z or road maps of Britain.   Satnavs direct you from A to B, it’s that simple. Type in a destination and it will direct you there, complete with a selection of voices (male American, Female English, Australian and so on). They also display the forthcoming junctions so you can recognise the correct lane to take. Nowadays they do so much more. They can tell you where the traffic jams are and how to avoid them, recalculating a new route if you suddenly make a u-turn to avoid Read more…

  8. France EURO 2016

    fco be on the ball

      “It’s never to early to begin your preparations…” this is the advice from James Duddridge at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  So if you’re planning on joining the rest of the English, Welsh and Northern Irish fans then it’s time to get started. Obviously with the recent terrorist activities in Paris you may be worried, you can keep up to date with the FCO’s travel advice here.   James Duddridge, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister, said: “Euro 2016 next summer is set to be a landmark in British sport. Never before have we seen three home nations teams reach the finals of a European Championships. I am sure this will be reflected in the number of fans making the journey across the Channel. “We want to make sure that each and every supporter gets their tactics rights and has the best time possible – regardless of their team’s results! It’s never too early to Read more…