1. Bond film raises the Spectre of £24 million car insurance bill


      Fancy driving an Aston Martin just like James Bond? Or how about wrecking one, even better. The icon of British cinema gets to drive the unique DB10 in the latest movie edition, Spectre, due on the big screen later this year. And not only does Daniel Craig and his stuntman get to right-off one of these special cars, he smashes six more.   Source Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, chief stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell revealed they had racked up a £24 million bill on smashing cars while filming car chases for the movie. No, I didn’t get that wrong, the producers spent more money than Avis invested in a fleet of 1,700 Ford Fiestas for the 2016 holiday season.   Source Among the carnage were seven brand new Aston Martins, supplied by the famous British car manufacturer as part of special deal it has with the producers. The car has starred in 10 Read more…

  2. Beware Data Roaming Charges!

    shocked man using phone

    If you’re going to be using your mobile phone while abroad then you’ll need to know all about roaming charges to avoid one of those scary bills arriving in your inbox!     What the hell does roaming charges actually mean I hear you scream! We keep being warned about it but some of us don’t actually know what it means and we don’t want to appear ignorant in front of the children. Well simply when we leave British soil our network ceases to work so what our phone does is it looks for another network that will let us borrow their signal for a week or two! This temporary supplier will then charge your regular supplier (eg Orange UK) who passes the bill back to you. Does that make sense?   If you’re in the EU then you are covered by EU law which caps the maximum charge at 17p per megabyte and luckily Read more…

  3. Back to School Bonus

    August 24, 2015 by
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      The kids are due back to school in a couple of weeks so the rush is now on to kit them out in a uniform and fill their bag with stationery. So would £25 a day in Love to Shop vouchers help? That’s what we’re offering in this weeks competition. For this week only you could win £25 a day in Love to Shop vouchers to spend in loads of places. If you’ve already kitted the kids out then maybe use the vouchers to treat them one more time before they head back to the classroom?   How do I enter? All you have to do is complete the form below or head over to our Facebook page….simples!   Good Luck!   This competition is now closed, please look out for our next one!   Terms and Conditions   This competition is open to UK residents over the age of 18 only. (Except employees Read more…

  4. I’m stuck on holiday and need help!

    fco cases

      What do you if you’ve been mugged or attacked and are in hospital on holiday? You have no phone, no money and no passport and you can’t speak the local language Your first call should be to the British Embassy aka the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and one of their Consular Staff will support you through what is inevitably a very stressful time. The FCO have recently  issued their “Helping British Nationals Abroad 2014/2015″ report which shows that their staff helped over 17,000 Britons who needed assistance whilst abroad. Whilst they can’t lend you a tenner they can arrange emergency travel documents to get you home, they can contact your family for you and help to get some money transferred from home.     Grant Shapps, Minister for Consular Affairs, launched the report today; he said: “Every day our dedicated staff are out helping British nationals across the globe. From making hospital visits and Read more…

  5. How do I complain?

    scratched car

        So you’ve just come back from a great holiday, the only problem was with the hire car you rented. You feel you have had a real rough ride and want to complain to somebody.   Where do you go?     First thing you need to do is to keep ALL your paperwork and photos if needed.     Always contact the car hire firm that you booked with first and see what their response is; most matters can be resolved with a friendly email or phone call. If you’re not happy with their response and want to take it further you can.   If it’s a UK based company then check that they belong to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). If they do then they can take over the complaint for you. If they’re not part of the BVRLA then don’t give up, you can still complain to the Financial Read more…

  6. Rio Olympics 2016

    Rio 2016

        It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since we were enjoying the London 2012 Olympics and now we’re getting ready for Rio 2016! If you’re lucky enough to be planning on going then hopefully we’ll be able to help get you there safely.   The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have just launched their 1 year to go campaign to help you get ready. You can also keep up to date with the FCO’s travel campaign on their page ‘Stay Ahead of the Games; Rio 2016‘.    

  7. The Perfect Summer Beach Body


        Summer is here, and you will soon off on holiday enjoying the sun and working on your tan. You might feel a sense of panic that you haven’t been working out as much as you should’ve. The “six-pack” you wanted to have to impress all of your friends at the beach looks more like a one-pack. Don’t worry it’s not too late to turn heads at your getaway destination resort.   We’ve teamed up with Fit Gurus to bring you some fab training tips to help you get into shape!   Areas to work ok:   When it comes to the whole “beach body” look, most people concentrate on these areas   Stomach / Abs:   Women often query about the lower abs in particular and want to flatten, tone and tighten their whole stomach. Men want to look chiseled and v-shaped, with broad shoulders and tight abs.     Ass / Glutes: Read more…

  8. Take Your Pic

    dancing on the beach

      We love this idea by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) aimed at making younger travellers more aware of their safety on holiday. They’ve launched this campaign asking travellers to post selfies using hashtags #holidaywin and #holidayfail.   #holidaywin is holidaymakers having fun, encouraging others to be prepared with insurance, advice and knowing their limits.   Drug-free = hassle-free #holidaywin   #holidayfail is holidaymakers who failed! Warning others to beware of certain scenarios; for example ending up in hospital after getting their drink spiked.   From bar to hospital- drink spiked #holidayfail   Competition The FCO are also giving away a selfie stick every week during the summer season, so have a go!   There are several other hashtags that can be used to post your selfies, so have a look at them all on here   We all lower our boundaries and behave differently on holiday but sometimes they can lead to disasters, so keep Read more…