1. Seven Crazy Airport Runways in the World


    Are you a nervous flier? Landing can be scary at any airport, but some airport runways just take the biscuit. These seven heart-pounding airport runways perch on precipices, nestle snugly between oceans and high-rises and somehow, someone thought it would be a perfectly fine idea to have planes flying just metres above sunbathers’ heads. If you hate landings, we recommend that you keep the window flap firmly closed when your plane approaches these seven crazy airport runways.   1.    Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan   This airport runway is scarier than Godzilla, almost. Located on an artificial D-shaped island in Ise Bay near Tokoname City, passengers landing at Chubu Centrair International Airport feel like they’re going to be pitched into the sea at any moment. The island runway is surrounded by water, making it a beautifully exhilarating place to land.   2.    Courchevel Airport in France   Jump off the plane and onto Read more…

  2. These Top 10 Most Scenic Roads in the World Will Take Your Breath Away

    milford sound

    Our incredible planet is packed with unbelievably beautiful roads, trouble is, they’re halfway across the world, and you won’t get to drive your own car. I scoured the earth, virtually that is, and came up with this list of the most visually stunning. Be warned – you’ll want to book a plane ticket and hire car as soon as you’ve finished reading number 10!   1.   Road to Milford Road, New Zealand   Make like a hobbit and journey through the misty mountains of Fiordland National Park. Milford Road snakes past pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains, impressive waterfalls, lush rainforests and heart-stopping cliffs in the land that inspired The Lord of the Rings. Rent your car from Queenstown, or Dunedin. Nearest pickup from an international airport is Christchurch.   2.   Interstate 70, Utah   Interstate 70 winds through Utah’s dramatically desolate Spotted Wolf Canyon. The landscape is most impressive in the harsh winters, when burnt-ombre stone Read more…

  3. Hiring luxury cars for your wedding


    A few years ago I got married, and thought it would be nice to arrive at the reception in one of those classic cars. Great idea my fiancee thought until we discovered the cost!   After investigating a few limo companies online I discovered that a car with driver for a couple of hours was going to cost several hundred pounds, our hearts sank. Like many others these days we were mostly financing the wedding ourselves and though we wanted the day to be perfect, the cost of a nice country venue, photographer, dress and various other memorabilia meant a visit to our bank manager for a soft loan.   Source ( Luckily someone came up with a great solution, why not just rent a luxury vehicle from Sixt for the night. My brother opted to be the driver and we had the pleasure of an E-class Merc until the following morning. Not quite a Read more…

  4. Simon Cowell’s Car Collection


    When you’ve bagged £300 million in a decade of boy band scouting and being blunt to X Factor contestants, what do you blow all the money on? Well, cars of course, lots of expensive ones with price tags similar to a whole house.   Simon Cowell might be Britain’s most famous, well, talent show judge but he’s also fast becoming one of Britain’s most famous car collectors. He’s frequently spotted behind the wheel of fabulous cars; the Bugatti Veyron, or a Bentley Azure, or a Merc SLG55, sometimes his rare Jaguar Eagle Speedster, an Audi A8, Aston Martin DB9…lots of sexy little numbers. Earlier this month, as he turned 56, he revealed that he desperately wants to get one of the first TF-X flying cars that are under development by US company Terrafugia at a price tag estimated to be £400,000 and not expected to be available until 2023. But the music mogul has plenty Read more…

  5. Avoid getting into a jam while driving abroad

    fco road aware

    Are you planning a trip overseas next week for half term? Will you be driving whilst away? The FCO and the AA have published a check list to ensure that us Brits have a better understanding of driving abroad. Here’s a few to consider before you set off: Does your insurance cover you for driving abroad? Have you got European breakdown cover? Are the rules of the country that you’re travelling in have different rules and regulations to Britain?       If you’re unsure then log onto the FCO’s advice page for up to date information.  

  6. Driving the world’s most treacherous roads


    Going on hols to court accidents isn’t something we normally recommend, but it makes for fascinating reading to discover some truly hair-raising rides.     From the Karakoram Highway in the Himalayas to some vertigo inducing passes in the Andes I went travelling virtually to find a few of the roads you DON’T really want to take your hire car on. There’s endless lists online of the ‘world’s deadliest roads’ and several of them are surprisingly straight-forward but prone to accidents from the sheer weight of reckless traffic on them, but that’s boring. Here’s some real twisters, impossibly carved out of mountainsides and still in daily use by locals who have no other way to get to their destination.   10. Transfagarasan Road, Romania   Not so much dangerous as it is tempting, with its stunning views and multiple hairpin turns over 90kms connecting two of the highest mountains in the Southern Carpathians. You’ll recognise the Read more…

  7. Bond film raises the Spectre of £24 million car insurance bill


      Fancy driving an Aston Martin just like James Bond? Or how about wrecking one, even better. The icon of British cinema gets to drive the unique DB10 in the latest movie edition, Spectre, due on the big screen later this year. And not only does Daniel Craig and his stuntman get to right-off one of these special cars, he smashes six more.   Source Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, chief stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell revealed they had racked up a £24 million bill on smashing cars while filming car chases for the movie. No, I didn’t get that wrong, the producers spent more money than Avis invested in a fleet of 1,700 Ford Fiestas for the 2016 holiday season.   Source Among the carnage were seven brand new Aston Martins, supplied by the famous British car manufacturer as part of special deal it has with the producers. The car has starred in 10 Read more…

  8. Beware Data Roaming Charges!

    shocked man using phone

    If you’re going to be using your mobile phone while abroad then you’ll need to know all about roaming charges to avoid one of those scary bills arriving in your inbox!   What the hell does roaming charges actually mean I hear you scream! We keep being warned about it but some of us don’t actually know what it means and we don’t want to appear ignorant in front of the children. Well simply when we leave British soil our network ceases to work so what our phone does is it looks for another network that will let us borrow their signal for a week or two! This temporary supplier will then charge your regular supplier (eg Orange UK) who passes the bill back to you. Does that make sense?   If you’re in the EU then you are covered by EU law which caps the maximum charge at 17p per megabyte and luckily for us Read more…