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Cookies are small data files that are saved on your computer by websites. Nearly all websites use cookies as they make sites work better, enable site owners to see how their site is used and where they can improve the site to enhance the users experience.

These cookies are used to remember activities and any preferences you and your browser have chosen. They are not used to save personal information. Cookies can be controlled and you can decide which cookies are saved and which you want to remove. For further information and to learn more about cookies use the following link http://www.aboutcookies.org/. For information on opting out see http://www.aboutads.info/choices/

Measuring use of Carrentals.co.uk

Cookies help us to understand how our site is used. With this information we can then make sure our site is available when required and make improvements to keep it up to date and as useful as possible. Below are details of cookies used to collect this data.

Cookie NameDetails
SID Site analytics and sales tracking
UID Site analytics and sales tracking
_VIS_OPT All cookies prefixed with _vis_opt are used for visualweboptimizer.com, multi variant testing.
__utma Google analytics – Used to record unique visitors
__utmb Google analytics – Used to calculate visitors time on site
__utmc Google analytics – Used to calculate visitors time on site
__utmz Google analytics – Used to record where the visitor came from


Cookies so Carrentals.co.uk can function

These cookies enable the site to function properly by remembering things like any preferences you have or choices you have already made. It also checks things like what your browser can and can’t do.

Cookie NameDetails
PHP session id Used on our forms etc. to remember information, preferences and selections you have already made.
phpbb3_13ri5_k All cookies prefixed with phpbb3 are used for phpbb Forum
style_cookie Stores theme used by phpbb Forum


Third Party cookies on Carrentals.co.uk

Questor-Insurance-Agents Questor Insurance tracking cookie
ASP.NET_SessionId Questor – Used on forms etc. to remember information, preferences and selections you have already made.
_drt_ Doubleclick.net – randomly generated number
id Doubleclick.net – an anonymous identifier
__GADS Google Ad manager


Cookies from affiliate networks

Carrentals.co.uk operates an affiliate program through two affiliate networks – Tradedoubler and Webgains. These sites can save cookies on your computer for visitor and sales tracking. Both these networks are members of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and adhere to codes of conduct and best practice developed by them. Click the following link to find out more about how affiliate networks use cookies http://www.iab-performance-marketing-explained.net/what-cookies-do/


Cookies from social network websites on Carrentals.co.uk

On some of our pages we offer you the chance to share the content on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These are third party websites that may also save cookies on your computer, but we don’t have any control over how they use your data. Below are details of these websites and links to their respective privacy policies. You should read these carefully to see what they do with data they collect.

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/
Twitter http://twitter.com/privacy
YouTube http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/policies/privacy/
Disqus http://docs.disqus.com/help/30/

Carrentals.co.uk privacy policy http://www.carrentals.co.uk/about/privacy-policy/